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Boy Scout Troop 68
Melrose, Minnesota

Philmont 1989 Galleries
Philmont Arrow

Page 6

    Philmont Grace:
"For food, for rainment, for life, for opportunity, for friendship and fellowship, we thank Thee, oh Lord. Amen."
This prayer takes on a real meaning once you finish a trek through Philmont Scout Ranch. We hope that every Scout gets a chance to attend Philmont at some time in his life. It is a true "lifetime" experience.

     The pictures on this page are thumbnailed. When you click on one you will get a larger picture, 800 pixels wide.

Ponil Camp, the last camp on our trek, was the original base camp when Philmont first began accepting campers.

The crew posed for a shot at the sign stating the Ponil was the base camp when Philmont was know as Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp.

The Ponil trading post and cantina are very popular places for the campers to hang out.

Various bones and fossils were on display in the trading post.

It felt great to sit at a table once again after being table-less for ten days.

We downed many pitchers of sarsaparilla as we rested at the cantina.

The final campfire program at Philmont's base camp made us reflect on many of the experiences we had shared during our trek.

Portions of the closing program were hilarious, as was this skit making fun of the pilot/co-pilot latrines.

Other portions of the program were quite serious. At one point, all the crew leaders were called to come down front with the USA flag the carried on the trail.

One last stop at the base camp snack bar saw patch trading was in full swing. It was great seeing all the different patches.

We flew back to Minnesota, and had a great time with the attendants, who gave us  some souvenirs of the flight.

Our parents met us at the Minneapolis airport. While we were sad to leave Philmont behind, it sure was nice to be home again.

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There are 6 pages that make up the 1989 Philmont gallery.
Thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures for these galleries.
If you are interested in a cd of all the full size pictures (jpeg's) found here contact the webmaster.

Want to know more about Philmont Scout Ranch?
Check out their web site here.