Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Videos Brought To You By Boy Scout Troop 68!
of Melrose, Minnesota.   Central Minnesota Council, BSA

Troop 68 Videos (Songs, Skits, and other stuff)
     The Ballad of Many Point  (song)
     The Bear Hunt  (skit)
     The Candy Store  (skit)
     Cats In The Cradle (song)
     Dirty Sock Song
     The Echo System (skit)
     The Emergency Broadcast System (skit)
     Frisbee Follies, A Summer Camp Adventure (short film)
     Furniture Store (skit)
     Go Bananas  (song)
     God Bless The USA  (song)
     Gopher Guts  (song)
     The Hole In The Ground  (song)
     Ice Fishing  (skit)
     Invisible Plane  (skit)
     Is It Time Yet?  (skit)
     I Wish I Was A Boy Scout (song)
     Little Bunny Foo Foo  (song)
     The Mad Scientist (skit)
     The Movie Skit  (skit)
     MPSC Rouser Song 2006 (song)
     MPSC Rouser Song 2007 (song)
     MPSC Paul Buyan Tribute (skit & song)
     MPSC Scout Song 2007 (song)
     Pickpockets (skit)
     Singing In The Rain (song)
     Sleepwalker and the Bees  (skit & song)
     Song That Never Ends (song)
     Star Trekking (song)
     Star Trekking at MPSC 2008  (song)
     Star Trekking: The Next Generation  (song)
     Submarine Skit  (skit)
     Supersize  (skit)
     Killer Cattle (song)
     Radio Airwaves (skit)
     Ugly Baby (skit)
     Vista (the adult leaders)  (song)
     Wish I Was A... Newscaster  (song & skit)

Boy Scout Troop 68 Activity Videos
     1987 Scouts of Watchamagumee  (4 min 13 sec)
     2001 National Jamboree  (21 minutes)
     Philmont 1986  (13 minutes)
     Philmont 1989  (16 minutes)
     Race Car Driver Visit  (9.5 minutes)
     Sledding 2008  (5 minutes)

Boy Scout Troop 68 Yearly Reviews
     Troop 68, The Early Years  (8.5 Minutes)
     1980 Review  (10.5 minutes)
     1981 Review  (8 minutes)
     1982 Review  (8 minutes)
     1983 Review  (19 minutes)
     1984 Review  (10 minutes)
     1985 Review  (13 minutes)
     1986 Review  (14 minutes)
     2006 Review  (12 minutes)

Troop 68 Eagle Scout Videos
     Jeff Hegle
     Gerry Wensmann
     John Rosner
     Tim Nathe
     Tom Hanson
     Ben Kociemba
     Brent Oja
     Jesse Wolbeck
     Todd Jepperson
     Mike Linnemann
     Nick Ellering
     Alex Ellering
     Nathan Ellering
     Jacob Ellering
     Brad Schulzetenberg
     Chris Kluempke
     Mike Schwieters
     Alex Kleinfehn
     Dakota Massmann
     Darren Borgerding
     Thomas Schwinghamer

BSA Promotional Videos and Commercials
     Baby Talk
     Crazy Boy Scouting Commercials
     Cub Scouting Commercial
     Cub Scout Commercial (Door Lock)
     Jim Lovell
     Scott Mitchell
     The Scout Zone  (music video)
     Steve Young
     We Do It!  (music video)
     What Parents Say About Boy Scouting      

Videos featuring Buttons, the radical Boy Scout.
    Buttons, the radical Boy Scout
     The Scout Law
     The Scout Oath
     Buttons Messes Up
     Physically Strong
     Be Prepared
     Rec Room Tour
     The Cub Scout Promise (Giggles)
     The Cub Scout Promise (Law of the Pack)
     The Cub Scout Promise (Hockey Hair)
     Buttons Interviews Eymard
     You Know You Are A Boy Scout When... (Part 1)
     You Know You Are A Boy Scout When... (Part 2)
     Cub Scout Visit & the Big Announcement!
     The Outdoor Code
     Playing Broomball
     The Buttons and Randall Show #1
     The Buttons and Randall Show #2
     The Buttons and Randall Show #3
     Buttons Reads Baden-Powell's Last Letter
     Buttons Interviews Ali, the Girl Scout

Scouting Interviews
     George O'Brien
     Joe Timmins
     Mike Hegle
     Gerry Wensmann
     Mike Rosner
     Mary Hanson
     Patty Defoe
     Clara Nathe
     Betty Spoden

Other Videos
     The Words of Eagle Scout Mike Schwieters
     The Puppets Must Die

Download many of these videos to your computer to watch anytime at
Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast.