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Boy Scout Troop 68
Melrose, Minnesota

Philmont 1989 Galleries
Philmont Arrow

Page 3

    In July, 1989, the Scouts from Melrose went on a second Philmont Scout Ranch trek. They choose the same itinerary that the previous group did back in 1986. The trek lead them from the southern portions of Philmont, to the northern areas of the ranch. They went to the Tooth of Time and climbed Mount Baldy. They accomplished a lot on their trek, including having a lot of fun. Look at the pictures, They tell the story pretty well.

     The pictures on this page are thumbnailed. When you click on one you will get a larger picture, 800 pixels wide.

As we left the corral we realized that this was the first time that many of the Scouts riding a horse.

The ride took us through the area north of the Tooth Ridge. The back of the Tooth of Time can be seen in the background.

Granted, we didn't get to leave the single file line as we rode, but it was still great to see Philmont without having to walk.

After the trail ride we grabbed our packs. Our crew leader asked, "Is anyone not ready to go?" Hmmm,  looks like one is not.

The Cimerroncito Reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water within Philmont. Our Minnesotan crew loved to finally see a lake.

When we arrived at Window Rock, we rested for a while and looked back over the trails we had already hiked.

Now this is what you could call a true "Rocky Mountain High. Philmont was full of surprises.

No sooner did we get camp set up at Ute Springs then the rain shower began, and created a stream right through our dining fly.

Of course, one thing a crew can do in camp during a rain shower is to stand around and complain about the weather...

... however, the Troop 68 crew decided that was a great time to try to build a fire. And they succeeded in their goal!

The sunlight shining through the trees and fog early the next morning created a great Kodak moment.

Every crew that attends Philmont Scout Ranch must participate in six hours of service work while on their trek.

Most service work consists of maintaining the trails so that future crews can continue to experience a great time.

At the Ute Springs Commissary we loaded up on supplies including three days of food, and plenty of snacks.

Chad led the way as we headed to Upper Bench Camp. There were times when we did not see another crew for hours.

Ross had a little trouble with the higher elevations. His nose kept leaking a red fluid. Well, at least we had a chance to rest.

The crew explored some rock formations at the southern entrance to Bear Canyon. The canyon would be the hottest hike of the trek.

The crew decided to have a treat as we arrived at Head of Dean Camp, our campsite for the evening.

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There are 6 pages that make up the 1989 Philmont gallery.
Thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures for these galleries.
If you are interested in a cd of all the full size pictures (jpeg's) found here contact the webmaster.

Want to know more about Philmont Scout Ranch?
Check out their web site here.