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Boy Scout Troop 68
Melrose, Minnesota

Philmont 1989 Galleries
Philmont Arrow

Page 1

    In July, 1989, the Scouts from Melrose went on a second Philmont Scout Ranch trek. They choose the same itinerary as the previous group did back in 1986. The trek lead them from the southern portions of Philmont, to the northern areas of the ranch. They went to the Tooth of Time and climbed Mount Baldy. They accomplished a lot on their trek, including having a lot of fun. Look at the pictures, They tell the story pretty well.

     The pictures on this page are thumbnailed. When you click on one you will get a larger picture, 800 pixels wide.

Here is a copy of the crew's itinerary. Notice that Troop 68 took a 68 miles trek.

This is the flip side of the itinerary showing a rough map of the trek, along with a mileage and elevation chart.

Every crew that goes to Philmont gets the chance to have its picture taken with their ranger and the Tooth of Time in the background.

For many of the guys it was a first time flying. Here we are checking in at the airport.

The plane we flew from Minneapolis was a pretty large plane...

...compared to the smaller one we had to get on in Denver. This was a 12 passenger plane.

One person sat on each side of the aisle, with three people sitting in the back. Like I said, a small plane.

It did not take long, once we arrived at Philmont, for Gerry to donate hi council strip patch to the big board in the snack bar.

The meals in the dining hall were pretty good. Well, these guys faces may not show it but the meals were good.

Every crew goes through a shake-down of gear with their ranger before leaving for the backcountry.

Every night, before a crew leaves tent city, the Philmont staff performs the "Philmont Story" for all the new campers.

We are finally on our way. The bus has dropped us off at our starting point. Now, all we have to do is figure out were to go.

This stream was not far from our first campsite, Rayado River Camp.

Dave, John, and Tony posed next to a member of a previous crew member who did not survive his journey.

On our second day out, the crew tried making adobe bricks at the Abreu Camp in southern Philmont.

The forms have to be cleaned and then wetted down before it was filled with the mixture.

The crew applied the leftover mixture to the sides of the Abreu Cantina. It was a good place to get a nice cool sarsaparilla.

Later that morning, the crew left Abreu and headed for Aguila Camp.

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There are 6 pages that make up the 1989 Philmont gallery.
Thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures for these galleries.
If you are interested in a cd of all the full size pictures (jpeg's) found here contact the webmaster.

Want to know more about Philmont Scout Ranch?
Check out their web site here.