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Boy Scout Troop 68
Melrose, Minnesota

Philmont 1989 Galleries
Philmont Arrow

Page 5

    In July, 1989, the Scouts from Melrose went on a second Philmont Scout Ranch trek. They choose the same itinerary as the previous group did back in 1986. The trek lead them from the southern portions of Philmont, to the northern areas of the ranch. They went to the Tooth of Time and climbed Mount Baldy. They accomplished a lot on their trek, including having a lot of fun. Look at the pictures, They tell the story pretty well.

     The pictures on this page are thumbnailed. When you click on one you will get a larger picture, 800 pixels wide.

We made it! We are at the top of Mount Baldy! We have good reason to give the thumbs up sign. It was a long hike!

Tony puts a small figure of Elmer Fudd in the message tube at the top of Baldy, along with a message written by Gerry.

On the way down the backside of Baldy (the west side) we came across an old mine shaft that had to be explored.

We took the Historic Trail down the est side of the mountain. It was longer, but not nearly as steep as the common trail.

Since we had to wait for our guide to show up, we had our lunch outside the Aztec gold mine.

Before going into the mine, the guide explained what the mining days of the Baldy area were like.

Pieces of gear left behind from mining crews could be seen in one of the buildings at French Henry camp.

Crews have a chance to pan for gold at the stream at French Henry, after being told how to do it properly, of course.

We discovered that panning for gold was fun ... for about 15 minutes. One of our crew members did find a very small flake.

On trail day #10 we were allowed to have two burros to help carry our gear. Of course, we had to learn how to load a burro first.

After catching two burros from the mud filled corral (quite an experience in itself) we were allowed to load gear onto the burro.

There were times when we wondered if the burros were a help or a hinder to our Philmont trek.

After a rain shower, and a much needed nap, a rainbow brightened our afternoon at Pueblano Camp.

It rained in the evening at Pueblano, so we held our "staff meeting" under the front porch of the camp office building.

As we awoke to our last morning in the Philmont back country, we noticed a lot of dew. Our tents were quite damp.

John lead a burro across a stream as we left Pueblano Camp. We were waiting for the burro to pull him into the stream.

Our breaks during our hikes were quick and short. We didn't want our leg muscles getting stiff because we rested too long.

High ho, high ho, it's to Ponil we go....  We would be leaving our burro friends at the Ponil corral.

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There are 6 pages that make up the 1989 Philmont gallery.
Thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures for these galleries.
If you are interested in a cd of all the full size pictures (jpeg's) found here contact the webmaster.

Want to know more about Philmont Scout Ranch?
Check out their web site here.