Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Boy Scout Troop 68's
Totin' Chip & Firem'n Chit Tests
   Safety has always been a high priority in any Scout function and activity. Two tools to help with safety in the troop in the Totin Chip Card and the Firem'n Chit card. These cards are given to Scouts who have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable of the safety rules of the card's topic.

   In order to attain his Totin Chip Card a Scout must demonstrate that he knows the ruled for safe handling of a hatchet, ax, saw, and pocket knife. In the new Scout Handbook these rules and tips may be found under chapter 4.
   Many Scouts earn this card during demonstrations at summer camp or camporees. The staff signs cards for each Scout who was present for the demonstration. Scouts receive the card with the understanding that they may lose in if they violate safety rules. In many troops a Scout are not allowed to use wood tools until he earns the card. Many troops allow up to four violations before taking the card away from the Scout. Violations are recorded by tearing off a corner of the card. Once a card looses all four corners the Scout must earn it once again.
   The Firem'n Chit card is used in the same manner. However, the topic covered is fire safety, fire building, and safe cooking skills. Many of these rules and tips are covered under chapter 10 of the new handbook, however many others are scattered through the book.

   The leadership of Troop 68 immediately saw the value of using these cards. However, after seeing some Scouts still breaking the rules, and at times not even understanding them, the troop leadership decided to make it tougher to earn the cards.
   Scouts must earn both cards each year. Cards are dated when they are earned are are good for one year from that date. A Scout usually does not have any trouble earning it each year.
   Troop 68 is also tougher on the violation penalties. Scouts are allowed only one corner to be ripped of the card. When the second violation occurs the Scout loses his card and then must re-earn it.
   How a Troop 68 Boy Scout earns the card is probably the toughest of any troop. While troop leadership always encouraged members to attend demonstrations and read the handbook they discovered that some Scouts did not take the time to read or pay attention at the demonstration. So, in order to earn a card the Scout must take a written test (or verbal if he chooses). There are 20-25 questions on each of the tests. A Scout must receive an 80% score to pass.

   The test have gone through several revisions over the years. Usually these changes occur when the handbook is rewritten. If a Scout reads the handbook and pays attention at demonstrations he usually will pass the test. However, many Scouts do not pass it the first time. The troop allows a Scout to take either test as many times as needed. However, it may only be taken once per day.

   Here is your chance to take the Troop 68 Firem'n Chit and Totin' Chip tests.
Test your own knowledge and see if you are good enough to earn the card in Melrose Troop 68!

Totin' Chip Test

Firem'n Chit Test

Test answers may be found by clicking on the links at the bottom of the test pages.

Scout leaders - Would you like to use these tests in your troop? 
Contact the webmaster for more information and a printable form of the Firem'n Chit test.