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Boy Scout Troop 68
Melrose, Minnesota

Philmont 1989 Galleries
Philmont Arrow

Page 4

    In July, 1989, the Scouts from Melrose went on a second Philmont Scout Ranch trek. They choose the same itinerary as the previous group did back in 1986. The trek lead them from the southern portions of Philmont, to the northern areas of the ranch. They went to the Tooth of Time and climbed Mount Baldy. They accomplished a lot on their trek, including having a lot of fun. Look at the pictures, They tell the story pretty well.

     The pictures on this page are thumbnailed. When you click on one you will get a larger picture, 800 pixels wide.

The crew participated in the Dean's Challenge while we were at Head of Dean Camp. Here, the crew must all be on the block with only two points of contact.

How high could we reach on this board?

It is trail day #8, and the crew begins with a hearty breakfast. The meals on the trek were quite good. The main complaint was that the Scouts wanted more food.

It was cool many mornings. Once the sun rose above the trees the temperature could get quite warm. Time to change into cooler clothing.

As we hiked to our next camp, Miranda Camp, we could clearly see Mount Baldy growing in our view. We would soon be at the top of that mountain.

Our campsite at Miranda was near a small grave site of a girl who died during the mining days of the area. And no, she does not haunt the campground.

Our crew always found a way to entertain themselves. Give them a couple of logs and you have a teeter totter.

The staff at Miranda were very knowledgeable. This mountaineer gave us a demonstration on how to throw a hatchet.

We had to try throwing hatchets ourselves. We discovered that it was not as easy as it looked.

The Miranda staff also gave a great demonstration of the life and times of a mountain man.

The staff even lived as mountain men did during that time period. No television, no stereos, no computers, NO WAY!

The sunrise that greeted us as day #9 began was definitely one for the photo books.

Not everyone at Philmont was overjoyed to see the hikers. This porcupine was a bit camera shy.

This old vehicle did not make back down the mountainside. It did give us a great place to pose for a picture though.

Baldy Camp is located on the east side of Baldy Mountain. It was our last stop before climbing the mountain.

Inside one of the buildings at Baldy Camp there were many items on display from the mining days that have been found around the area.

We are almost to the top of baldy. This is a view looking back down the trail that winds its way between two mountains.

The top of Baldy Mountain is bare rock, nothing but rock. But the view is fantastic. At 12, 441 feet high, you are literally in the clouds.

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There are 6 pages that make up the 1989 Philmont gallery.
Thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures for these galleries.
If you are interested in a cd of all the full size pictures (jpeg's) found here contact the webmaster.

Want to know more about Philmont Scout Ranch?
Check out their web site here.