Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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A Little About Boy Scout Troop 68.

There have been several attempts during the decades to have a Scouting Troop in Melrose.  The 50's, 60's, and 70's all had a troop, but they usually lasted only a few years.  In December of 1979, after a lapse of Scouting in Melrose, several men held a meeting and started up a Boy Scout Troop once again.  This troop would last for over 25 years.

Troop 68 of Melrose meets three times a month, on the first three Mondays of a month.  They may take a month off in the summer, depending on their program schedule.  In December, the troop will only have two regular meetings.

There is an outing each month. This may be a weekend camping trip during the summer, or a one day trip during a winter month. The troop does go to a week long summer camp every year, usually in July. The troop plans a high adventure trip every three years. These high adventure trips have included Philmont Scout Ranch, the High Knoll Trail, and the National Jamboree.

The program is planned by the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC).  In August, the council meets to plan the program for the next twelve months.  This plan is then presented to the troop committee by the Senior Patrol Leader.  After some discussion, and maybe a couple minor changes, the committee approves the program.  The PLC meets once a month, usually on the fourth Monday, to plan the next month's program details, plan meetings, and make preparations for the next troop outing.

The troop conducts four courts of honor each year.  They are usually held in March, May, September, and December.  The Scouts are recognized for their awards and achievements during these ceremonies.  Although they are held at the city office meeting rooms most of the time, courts of honor have also been held in the parks and even on camping trips.

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