Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Philmont Scout Ranch
2004 Photo Galleries of Crews 713E1 and 713E2
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Gallery Page 8: The Final Days.

We took a short side hike to Waite Philips hunting lodge near Cathedral Rock.

Before we turned in our trash at the hunting lodge we had to compact it into a small box.

The hunting lodge was fantastic! Several of us wished we had a lodge like this one.

Our arrival at Clark's Fork Camp brought us to what would be our last night on the trail.

Lunch was good. In fact, the food was so good you could watch the muscles develop.

Of course, while at Clark's Fork you must do what the cowboys do and go to the corral.

Our ride started well enough, but we ended up walking the horses back after a storm attacked us.

The guys ate very well at the chuck wagon dinner that night. Anyone ready for thirds?

Our last hike brought us to Shaefers Pass Camp, and a chance for another group photo.

Most of the first portion of the hike was done in a fog which lifted a bit and allowed us to see more.

After a side hike of the Tooth of Time, the crew ate their final trail lunch.

This was the last picture taken before the rain drenched us on our hike down Tooth Ridge Trail.

It may not look like it, but the rain is falling heavily and we are soaked to the skin.

We were truly glad to be back at camp. We were tired of hiking through the rain.

The last evening's program was funny and was enjoyed by everyone in both crews.

On the way back to Minnesota we stayed at a Scout camp somewhere in Nebraska.

Photographs by Steve Borgerding and used with his permission.
Copyright 2004.