Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Philmont Scout Ranch
2004 Photo Galleries of Crews 713E1 and 713E2
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Gallery Page 2:  Philmont or Bust!

Some crew members enjoy a snack at Mount Rushmore.

It was nice but we did not get to stay very long.

Our gear trailer was a little tight through a couple of the caves.

We stopped to take pictures of bison in South Dakota.

We saw two large herds of bison in the state of South Dakota.

We stopped for for water fun at an indoor hot springs pool.

The guys all enjoyed a chance to go for a swim at the hot springs.

Playing cards was a favorite pastime in the evenings.

We stopped at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

It was a great place to get out and relax for a short while.

Of course, we had to take a picture at this interesting formation.

There was quite a bit to explore at the Garden of the Gods.

We stopped for a swim and volleyball in Colorado.

Some of the guys take a rest during the volleyball game.

We stayed in a parish hall in Raton New Mexico for our last night on the way to Philmont.

Our trip chairman took the chance to talk to the crews one last time before we arrived at Philmont.

Photographs by Steve Borgerding and used with his permission.
Copyright 2004.