Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Philmont Scout Ranch
2004 Photo Galleries of Crews 713E1 and 713E2
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Gallery Page 5:  Rich Cabins & Pueblano Camps.

Our ranger gave us a demonstration on how ranger push-ups should be properly done.

We left Philmont for one night and stayed in the Elliot Barker State Wildlife Area.

This stream was a good place to stop for a short rest and fill up our water bottles.

After being invited up onto the porch, our crew leader checked us in at Rich Cabins Camp.

The crew was getting pretty good at making a decent pack line by this time.

Our camp at Rich Cabins was located in a beautiful valley between the mountains.

Our lunch had to be eaten near the bear bag cable because we did not want crumbs in our site.

The view of Rich Cabins was great as we discussed the Wilderness Pledge with our ranger.

Rich Cabins is set up as an early farmstead. They had several animals in the yard.

Each of the crew members had the chance to hand milk the dairy cow, by hand.

Our ranger showed off when she drank the fresh warm milk from the cow.

On our way to Pueblano Camp we stopped for a rest at the top of Wilson Mesa.

Our crew did a great job of staying together as we hiked the trails of Philmont Scout Ranch.

It was nice and sunny as we checked in on the porch at Pueblano Camp.

Unfortunately, that afternoon, as we prepared to do our service, a large storm drenched us.

The evening campfire program by the Pueblano staff was funny and quite enjoyable.

Photographs by Steve Borgerding and used with his permission.
Copyright 2004.