Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Philmont Scout Ranch
2004 Photo Galleries of Crews 713E1 and 713E2
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Gallery Page 6:  Pueblano & Baldy Mountain.

The day was bright and sunny as we prepared to climb spars at Pueblano Camp.

One crew member prepares to climb with the help of another crew member.

Even our adult leaders got to climb the spars, and maybe ham it up for the camera too.

We did not mean to go through Ewells Park Camp, but we were glad we did.

Copper Park Camp was not our favorite campsite after a grueling hike trough the rain.

It's a new morning, and we are on our way to the top of Baldy Mountain, from the north side.

Rest stops got to be a frequent occurrence on our way the the top of Baldy.

The view from the northwest side of Baldy Mountain was awe inspiring.

Here we are, the four guys from Troop 68, on top of Baldy Mountain.

The crew posed for a picture on Baldy. It would be hours before they returned to camp.

The view from the south side of Baldy was just as great as the north side.

We stopped at Baldy Camp and saw a couple deer and a huge storm cell in the valley.

The next morning we stopped by Baldy Camp again on our way to Upper Dean Cow Camp.

One of our crew advisors had to do a few ranger push-ups after loosing a bet with the crew leader.

Our campsite at Upper Dean Cow Camp was a nice, quiet, and relaxing spot to be at.

Some of the sunsets at Philmont are truly breathtaking, as this pictures clearly shows.

Photographs by Steve Borgerding and used with his permission.
Copyright 2004.