Boy Scout Troop 68

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Troop Operations and Chain of Command

A Boy Scout Troop is made up of several smaller groups. These groups are called patrols. A patrol consists of 4-8 Scouts. Many times the boys in a patrol are in the same grade in school, were in the same den as Cub Scouts, or are just friends. Patrols are the basic group unit of scouting. Patrol members will camp, cook, plan, and compete as a unit. Each patrol elects a patrol leader.

A group of patrols is known as a troop. It is through a troop that most of the program is carried out. While a whole troop will go camping each patrol is responsible for itself. The troop as a whole elects a boy leader who is called the senior patrol leader.

 Below is a chart of how a troop operates. Notice the shaded area. These boy leaders make up the membership of the patrol leaders’ council (PLC). The PLC meets once a month to plan troop meetings and activities. The committee and adult leaders serve to make sure that the program is carried through.