Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Fundraising and Finances

A Boy Scout troop, just as any other organization, needs to finance its program, thus the need for fundraisers. Troop 68 has four fundraisers each year consisting of breakfasts, popcorn sales, Christmas tree sales. The boys work during these fundraisers, thus practicing the idea of being thrifty by working to pay his own way.

Each of the fundraising activities allows the Scout the chance to earn credit that may be used toward his summer camp fees, some monthly activity fees, or high adventure trip costs. Scouts have been known to earn most of their way to camp through these opportunities. You, as a parent, should not just pay the fee for your son to go to camp. Use the fundraisers to help him develop the sense of ‘paying his own way’.

Two breakfasts are held each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Scouts are expected to ‘pre-sell’ tickets. For each ticket sold he receives credit for camp. Scouts and their parents are required to work during the morning of the breakfast. While the Scouts may be required to work the whole morning the parents usually work one of two shifts.

The profit from a breakfast usually falls between $1000-$15000. The portion of the profit that is not used for Scout’s camp credit is used for general expenses (spring) or high adventure expenses (fall).

The popcorn sale is a fundraiser for the troop and the council. Scouts earn camp credit for each ‘unit’ of popcorn sold. The remaining profit is divided among the various funds of the troop treasury. Scouts take orders from customers in November. Orders are delivered in December. This fundraiser is optional for the scout to participate in.

The Christmas tree sale was first held in 1995. A good portion of the tree sale profit goes into a fund out of which scouts earned a ‘wage’ for each hour worked at the stand. This ‘wage’ is put into the scout’s summer camp fund. The rest of the profit is used to help defray costs of the program. Due to the troop membership decline during the 2000's, this fundraiser has been dropped.

Scouts are scheduled to work in the tree stand after school on week days and on weekends. Parents are assigned to help on the weekends. The sales begin Thanksgiving Week and end the week before Christmas.

When compared to other youth programs Scouting is a good value. Through the funds provided by these activities the cost to each family is kept to a minimum, thus allowing more boys to participate in what Scouting has to offer.