Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Committee Positions

It takes a lot of people to make a Boy Scout troop successful. Adult and boy leadership is needed. Adults are needed to serve as scoutmasters, assistant scoutmasters, committee members, activity chaperones and provide transportation for outings. Boy leaders are needed to run the troop, develop the program, and then carry it out.

If we expect people to do well in a leadership or advisory role then it stands to reason that they must know what that role require of them. The following is a listing of the various roles, both adult and boy, that need to be filled to bring a successful program to our committee.

Committee and Adult Leaders

The Committee Chairperson:
    √  Calls, presides, and promotes attendance at monthly troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
    √  Organizes the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.
    √  Works closely with the Scoutmaster in preparation of agenda for the troop committee meeting.
    √  Works closely with the Scouting coordinator.
    √  Arranges for charter review and recharters the troop annually.
    √  Sees to it that leadership and committee has training opportunities.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee and Scouting Coordinator.
    √  Recruits the best persons available for Scoutmaster and assistants.

The Secretary:
    √  Keeps minutes of the committee meetings.
    √  Reminds committee members of the meetings.
    √  Assists with annual membership inventory and inspection program.
    √  Handles publicity.
    √  Works with the troop historian.
    √  Conducts boy fact survey and troop resource survey.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

The Treasurer:
    √  Handles all troop funds.
    √  Pays bills on recommendation of Scoutmaster and authorization of troop committee.
    √  Maintains checking and savings accounts.
    √  Prepares the troop budget plan and maintains proper records.
    √  Supervises the camp savings plans for summer camp and high adventure trips.
    √  Supervises all financial transactions conducted by the troop including fund raisers and the proper authorization for these projects.
    √  Reports to the troop committee at each meeting.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

Advancement Coordinator:
    √  Is responsible for awards, advancements, and any other preparations necessary for advancements.
    √  Maintains a current list of merit badge counselors.
    √  Checks to see that Scouts advance in rank.
    √  Arranges monthly board of reviews. Conducts the First Class - Eagle board of reviews. Is advisor on the Tenderfoot and Second Class board of reviews.
    √  Conducts Courts of Honor, at least quarterly.
    √  Makes prompt reports on the current form to the council service center when a troop board of review is held. Secures badges and certificates.
    √  Works with Scoutmaster and troop scribe in maintaining all Scout advancement records.
    √  Works with the troop librarian in building and maintaining a troop library of merit badge pamphlets.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

Youth Protection/Health and Safety:
    √  Arranges physical examination for the entire troop.
    √  Supervises meeting place inspections for safety.
    √  Is responsible for insurance program.
    √  Coordinates first aid, aquatics, and safety program resources.
    √  Attends the district's youth protection meetings and implements the program within the troop.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

Activities/Outdoors Coordinator:
    √  Supervises and helps to procure camp equipment.
    √  Works with the Scoutmaster (or assistant) and troop quartermaster on inventory, storage, and proper maintenance of troop equipment.
    √  Helps to secure permission to use camping sights.
    √  Makes sure that the activity forms or tour permits are sent to the council.
    √  Serves as transportation coordinator with the month's activity chairperson.
    √  Works with troop leadership in preparation for activities, camping trips, camporees, and high adventure programs.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

The Scouting Coordinator:
    √  Is a member of the Charter Organization (VFW Post 7050).
    √  Serves as liaison between the troop and the charter institution and keeps the institution informed on all unit progress.
    √  Helps to recruit troop leadership.
    √  Sees that boys advance from unit to unit.
    √  Serves as the troop's only voting member to the Central Minnesota Council.
    √  Is responsible to the Charter Organization.
    √  Assists with unit rechartering.

Service Projects:
    √  Stimulate community good turns and service projects.
    √  Serve as counselor for advancement service projects.
    √  Approve Eagle Scout service projects.
    √  Promote emergency service plan.
    √  Work with assistants to make sure that Rose View Manor Bingo and the road clean-up projects are carried out.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

Assistant Scoutmasters:
    √  Serves as the troop leader in the absence of the Scoutmaster.
    √  Handles specific program responsibilities, such as the new scout patrol.
    √  Is responsible to the Scoutmaster for program and activities of the troop.
    √  Works with the assistant senior patrol leader.

    √  Train and guide boy leaders to run their troop.
    √  Work with and through responsible adults to give Scouting to boys.
    √  Help boys grow by encouraging them to learn for themselves.
    √  Guide boys in planning the troop program.
    √  To attend all troop meetings or have a qualified adult substitute in his place.
    √  To attend all troop committee meetings.
    √  To attend training courses and roundtables whenever possible.
    √  Will supervise troop elections and approve candidates for the Order of the Arrow.
    √  Will meet monthly with the Patrol Leaders Council for coordination and planning of troop activities.
    √  Is responsible to the troop committee.

There is some online training available through
the Boy Scouts of America website (click HERE):

This site includes:
     Fast Start Training
     Youth Protection Training
     Safe Swim Defense
     Safety Afloat
     Troop Committee Challange