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Welcome to the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68
1998 Philmont Photo Gallery #5

    In July, 1998, ten members of Troop 68, along with two adult advisors, took part in the council's trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Troop 68 filled one of the three council contingents that went on this adventure.
    The following pictures are from the last days of our trek starting with Clark's Fork Camp to the end of the trip as we arrive in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

All of the pictures are thumb nailed. Click on any picture to see a full size copy.

While at Clark's Fork Camp a deer decided to check out what the Scouts were up to.

It was amazing how close the deer would let us come to them before they moved away.

Our last day of hiking took us through Schaefer's Pass. The crew stopped for one last picture in the backcountry.

After getting rid of our gear, we began the hike to the Tooth Of Time, one of Philmont's landmarks.

It was a rugged trip up to the Tooth. Like Mount Baldy before it, the Tooth was mostly barren rock.

The last part of the hike to the top challanged our agility as we climbed over boulders and crevaces.

We did it!   We reached the summit of the Tooth Of Time.

A view looking eastward from the Tooth Of Time.

Several members of the crew take a break to enjoy the view.

Hi Mom! I'm near a sheer cliff drop-off!

The crew took a moment to eat while on the Tooth.

Ah!  There is not many things in life that compare to this.

The whole crew poses for a shot on the Tooth Of Time. Baldy Mt. is in the background.

Getting back down was as much of a challange as getting up to the
Tooth was.

The last stretch of hiking on our way to Base Camp was loaded with switchbacks.

The view we have been waiting for:
Base camp!

A tired and very thirsty crew arrives at base camp.

The trip was over when we arrived back in St. Coud, Minnesota.

Philmont was full of adventure and excitement.
You can bet that the Scouts of troop 68 will return once again to the ranch.

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