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Welcome to the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68
1998 Philmont Photo Gallery #4

    In July, 1998, ten members of Troop 68, along with two adult advisors, took part in the council's trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Troop 68 filled one of the three council contingents that went on this adventure.
    The following pictures are from our trek starting with Baldy Camp and ending at Clark's Fork Camp, six days later.

All of the pictures are thumb nailed. Click on any picture to see a full size copy.

Baldy Camp, with Baldy Mountain in the background. This is was to be our last try day before the rains came.

As we arrived at Miranda Camp we could see the storm clouds pour down the mountains toward us.

One of the programs at Miranda was to throw hatchets at the cookies as the mountain men did.

Once the rains arrived, as they always seem to at some point, the pathways became rather slick.

Philmont is a great place to find a great spot and just think for a few moments about this great land of ours.

Of course, after the rains leave it is time to dry out all the clothing and gear that happened to get wet.

We left Dean Cow Camp early to beat the heat when hiking through Turkey Creek Canyon. Here was a rest stop.

While at Philmont, some guys use every availible moment to catch up on lost sleep, even at 7:00 am!

We needed to cross Highway 64 as we left the Phiolmont north Country and entered the central area.

At Harlan Camp we loaded our own shells before going to the shotgun range to shoot clay pigeons.

Another activity at Harlan was burro racing. Just downed stand too close behind one.

Somewhere on the trail between Harlan and Aspen Springs Camp we walked through a meadow.

We arose early one morning at Aspen Springs to climb the rocks to watch the sunrise.

Our crew leader did not recognize the extra weight that was finding its way into his pack until it fell off his pack.

The Cimarroncito Reservior is one of the few lakes within the Philmont borders.

Arriving at Clark's Fork Camp wa not the end of our day's hike. But it was where the programs would be held.

The crew tried their skills at lassoeing will waiting for the programs to begin at Clark's Fork.

Branding shoes, boots, and hats was one of the programs availible at Clark's Fork Camp.

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