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Welcome to the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68
1998 Philmont Photo Gallery #3

    In July, 1998, ten members of Troop 68, along with two adult advisors, took part in the council's trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Troop 68 filled one of the three council contingents that went on this adventure.
    Most of the following pictures feature pictures of the fourth day of the crew's trek through the Philmont wilderness, including the climb to Baldy Mountain, Philmont's highest peak.

All of the pictures are thumb nailed. Click on any picture to see a full size copy.

We passed through a valley at the Back of Mount Baldy on our way to camp.

Supper at Copper Park Camp tasted mighty good.

The crew posed before beginning to assend the back (north) side of Baldy.

The climb up the rocky back side of Baldy begins!

We stopped for a short rest to catch our breath as we neared the summit.

At 12,441 feet above sea level, the view from Baldy is a true site to behold.

Just one view from Baldy Mountain's summit.

And another view from on top of Mount Baldy.

Philmont can be a great experience for a father and son to experience.

More Baldy Mountain.

More Baldy Mountain.

More Baldy Mountain.

It was quite an experience eating lunch on top of Baldy.

On the way back down we stopped at Baldy Camp...

...and washed our dirty clothes from the last four days.

A couple of the crew members brought along panaramic cameras and got some great shots along the way. Here are a couple shots of the view around Baldy Mountain, thumb nailed, of course.

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