Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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 Boy Scout Troop 68,  Melrose, Minnesota

Welcome to the
1986 Philmont Gallery
Page #2

    In August, 1986, five members of Troop 68, along with one adult advisor, took part in a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The following pictures are from that adventure.  Read more about the trip, and find out more background about these pictures,  be sure to check out the 1986 Philmont Journal.

All of the pictures are thumbnailed. Click on any picture to see a full size copy.


At Clark's Fork Camp the Scouts received a chuckwagon-style dinner.

That evening, the staff performed a campfire with a western theme.

During their free time, some of the crew members practiced their lassoeing skills.

The Scouts race to the Cimarroncito Reseviour. Cathedral Rock is shown in the background.

After a huge rain storm came through camp at Ute Springs, all of our gear needed to be dried.

Scouts from Pennsilvania and Iowa were on the same trtek we were taking.

Can you find the crew members in this picture?

In the background you see Baldy Mountain, our destination.

Our campsite at Head Of Dean Camp.

Even dehydrated food is worth waiting for once you catch on how to prepare it.

The Head Of Dean Challange was a lot of fun. The wall was just one station.

The deer seemed used to having Scouts invade their territory during the summer.

Crew members receive the history of gold mining around the Baldy Mountain area.

Then the crew received the chance to try panning for gold in a cool mountain stream.

Finally, it was time to climb Baldy Mountain, which we found to be tough going on the last mile.

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