Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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 Boy Scout Troop 68,  Melrose, Minnesota

Welcome to the
1986 Philmont Gallery
Page #1

    In August, 1986, five members of Troop 68, along with one adult advisor, took part in a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The following pictures are from that adventure.  Read more about the trip, and find out more background about these pictures,  be sure to check out the 1986 Philmont Journal.

All of the pictures are thumbnailed. Click on any picture to see a full size copy.

Our fearless crew leader checks his gear during a pre-trek shakedown.

On our way to New Mexico we had to switch trains in Chicago.

During one stop we were able to get a portrait of the crew in front of the train.

We needed to check over all of the gear Philmont gave us before we checked it out for the trek.

The bus seemed to drop us off in the middle of now-where. It was time for the map and compass.

It did not take long for us to discover that the local deer population did not have much fear of us.

The cantina at Abreu Camp was a welcome site. However, 3 of us drank too much and got upset stomaches.

The following morning it was time for the burro races. Notice how we let the other crew think they had the lead.

Another program at Abreu Camp gave us the chance to make adobe bricks which would be used later.

The view from Aguila Camp was a great one to see.

Ah, an open air latrine! There is nothing quite like using one of these in a time of need.

Hi ho, hi ho!
It's off to our next camp that we go...

A group picture with the Tooth Of Time providing our background.

Every once in a while the natives would wonder by to check out the visitors.

The crushing of coals was not one of the favorite jobs of the crew members.

On our way to the Tooth, we paused for a picture at Schaefer's Peak.

The Tooth of Time, as viewed from the side. We are getting nearing to our goal.

We did not make it to the Tooth because a storm system was heading in our direction.

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