Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Melrose, Minnesota, USA

2002 Boundary Waters Trip
Charles Sommers Canoe Base

Part #3: The trip comes to an end.
(Crew B's last days on the lakes of the BWCA.)

We did not portage around every rapids. We walked our canoes through a copy of them. This one took us over an hour to walk through.

When the sun was shining and the air was warm the BWCA is a wonderful place to be. There were many times we were the only people on the lake.

Everyone thought it was great fun to walk our canoes through the rapids. Most of the walk throughs were small ones like this one.

Two sets of clothes for five days of canoeing. Of course we had to rinse them out once in a while. Especially our socks!  Especially his socks!!

The camps in the BWCA are small, but that okay. After all, we came to to canoe and relax, not to play football.

The tents proved to be weather worthy. We never had water in them when the sun was shining. And only a little leaked in when it rained.

There was a lot of beautiful scenery in the BWCA. Pictures just do not give you a real feeling of what it is like there.

Our guide, crew leader, and assistant crew leader look at the map for our last day on the lakes, and our last (huge) portage.

This picture of our third night on the trek turned out so well I just had to put it in this gallery. It was moments like this that made the trip great.

Okay, so we got lost one day. Well, not really lost, but we were quite confused. For some reason the one canoe without a compass was leading the way.

The weather was great for most of the trip. However, we did have three rain storms that we had to deal with. The first two did not bother us.

Oops, another wrong turn. We walked down this small rapids, but when we discovered it was the wrong one we portaged back around it.

The rains moved in on our last night in the BWCA, and the storms stayed until we got to base camp the next morning. Oh, it also turned cooler.

Base camp was a place we wanted to be during our last cold morning on the lakes. The dining hall and camp store was a welcome site.

The administrative building was one of the last things we saw as we left Charles Sommers Canoe base and headed home.

Picture Gallery #1
Picture gallery #2
Picture gallery #3

Pictures were provided by Steven Borgerding and Kevin Viere.