Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Melrose, Minnesota, USA

2002 Boundary Waters Trip
Charles Sommer's Canoe Base

Part 1:  Before The Water.

     Part of any trip involves getting there and preparing once you arrive at your destination. Once we arrived at the Charles Sommer's Canoe Base we had to check in our two crews and then bring our gear to our huts where we would spend the night. During the rest of that evening and part of the next morning we would have a gear shakedown and be assigned crew gear from the base. There was enough to do to keep us hopping before we hit the water.

Near Duluth, on the way to the BWCA, we stopped at a scenic lookout to view the countryside.

This was the highest point from which we would be able to view the country while we were on the trip.

The crew leader of Crew B, took some time to work on the duty roster as we neared the canoe base.

A sign with the base's logo told us that we had made it and would soon be canoeing on the lakes.

Of course, first we needed to check in both crews and make sure that everything was up to date.

A couple base members kept the crew members busy laying voyager games as the adults checked in.

Soon, the games wee over and it was time to move on to the next step of the journey.

Each crew was assigned a guide who would be with us during the canoe trip.

All the buildings at Charles Sommer's canoe Base had a rustic look to them.

We were pleased to find cots in the huts we would be staying in that first night.

Okay, everyone gather on the front steps for a crew picture! Where is Crew A?

Ah, now we have all the members of Crew B, including both adult leaders.

Two crew members from Crew B checked out the stoves that were assigned to us as a leader from Crew A watched.

The guides of Crew A & B gave a good demonstration on how roomy the Duluth packs would be. They held a lot of gear.

Crew B's guide gave a quick talk about how to pack the food and what food we would be taking along on the trip.

A religious service was held that evening for all the crews that would be leaving for their canoe trips the next morning.

Morning came too early. It was time to do the final packing of the gear in the three Duluth packs we would be using for a crew of seven people.

We had a little free time after breakfast before we would grab our canoes and head into the Boundary Water Canoe Area.

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