Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Melrose, Minnesota, USA

2002 Boundary Waters Trip
Charles Sommers Canoe Base

Part #2: Let the canoeing begin!
(Following Crew B: The first two days.)

The time had arrived! We carried our canoes to the landing and began our trip.

We discovered there was an art to putting your canoes in the water without getting wet.

The weather was great as we took to the lakes on that first day.

At out first portage we discovered how much work this trip would involve. We decided to do every portage with just one trip.

The aluminum canoes weighed approximately 80 pounds. Not much weight for a short portage, but for a long one...

Our guide showed us to a hidden water fall. It was a good place to take a break and enjoy the BWCA scenery.

During the break at the falls we discovered that our guide could fall asleep anywhere at any time. We cured him of that later in the trip.

Our first camp of the canoe trip had a slightly rocky beach, but it also had a nice sunning area just to the right of this picture.

It was time to prepare supper. The meals were quite easy to prepare. The crew members did a great job when it came to cooking.

The meals were very tasty, and good for us, of course. No one went away hungry.

The next morning the rains began. We paddled during a downpour this morning.

This day also was the day we had "The portage from Hell". We had to remove a fallen tree as our first obstacle.

Then came the mud bog. There was a narrow trail that you could walk on to stay out of the mud...

...unfortunately, you could not see the trail due to the muddy water, so most of us ended up waist deep in the mud.

The trip took us through many different locations. Some times we could canoe from lake to lake and not have to portage.

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...."  This campsite with its sandy beach reminded us of the television show - Gilligan's Island.

The beach was a popular place with all members of the crew. We worked on our suntans in the afternoon, and watched the sun set in the evening.

Our second night on the lakes was one of the most peaceful. The sunset was spectacular, as you can see by this shot.

Pictures were provide by Steve Borgerding and Kevin Viere.

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