Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Boy Scout Troop 68's
Firem'n Chit Test '95
(Write down your answers on a separate sheet of paper.)

Name; _________________________________________  Patrol; __________________    Score;________

1)  In many public parks & grounds you may need a _____________ to build a fire.
2)  In areas where campfires are not allowed you may need to cook on a ____________________.
3)  Name two of the four fuels commonly used in camping stoves.
4)  Never leave a lighted stove _____________________.
5)  Always keep a campfire under complete ____________________.
6)  Clean a campfire site down to _________________ , then remove all burnable material away from it for a radius of ______________.
7)  If you must prepare a new fire site remove a (how many) _______________ foot square piece sod and place it in a _________________ place with which side up? 
8)  What are the three categories of materials needed for a proper fire?
9)  Break or saw fuel wood into pieces about _____________ long.
10) Name three types of fire lays.
11) What is a fuzz stick?  When is one used?
12) How is a 'fire bug' made? 
13) Name three types of campfire 'fireplaces'.
14) Name two ways to waterproof a match.
15) Name three ways of starting a fire with out matches. 
16) What is the Cold Out test? 
17) When putting out a fire sprinkle ______________ on the embers, then _____________ the embers with  a stick.
18) When water is scarce, what two items can be worked into the coals to extinguish the flames?
19) When using charcoal, you should light the briquettes how many minutes before you need them?
20) List two fire fighting tools (not water).
21) Write the cooking slogan that campers use. 
22) Never take tinder or fuel from a ______________ tree.
23) Keep a supply of dry tinder in a ________________________.
24) What should a fire site be examined for before leaving the site?
25) Write the Outdoor Code. 

Have you completed the test?  Do you think you have passed.
Alright. Then it is time to get the answers!
Firem'n Chit Answer Page

For a PDF version of this test:

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