Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop's
2005 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumbnailed. Click on them for the big picture.


Laughs For Lunch
Camp Stearns Winter Outing
Scouting Displays
April Court of Honor
Home Show Display
Camp Watchamagumee
June Court of Honor
King's Lake Outing
Independence Day Celebration
Summer Camp
Hellermann's Camping Trip
Nathan's Eagle Court Of Honor
Christmas Party
December Court Of Honor


Laughs For Lunch
January 22, 2005

     What is Laughs For Lunch? It is an annual show the Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 perform for the community that supports them throughout the year. Audience members bring an item of food for the local food shelf as admission to the show. Thus, the Scouts provide the laughs while the audience provides the lunch for the needy.
     This is the eighth show the troop has held. The show is based on songs and skits seen at some of the campfire programs at summer camps and camporees. In addition to well know campfire songs and skits the troop has developed a few original bits that also have become a part of the show. Some of the bits even included audience members who were brought on stage to have a little fun.

The troop spend its three meetings in January practicing skits and songs for the show.

The stage was turned into a campsite as the Scouts set the stage before the show began.

Members of the Wolves and Invaders Patrol performed the song "The Quartermaster's Store".

It is a tradition for the older Scouts to perform the "Radio Airwaves" skit.

Even our assistant scoutmaster got into the act as he did a skit about a baseball pitcher.

The "Shaving Cream" song has been done during several of the shows over the years.

The Invaders Patrol had fun the the old song "I Caught Myself a Baby Bumblebee."

The scoutmaster pulled a few people from the audience to help him with the "Vista" song.

At the show's end the troop invited other Scouts, leaders, and former members to join them in Scout Vespers.

Camp Stearns Winter Outing
February 25-27, 2005

      The troop has been spending a weekend at the Viking Council's Camp Stearns for a few several years, and the boys have a great time while they are there. There always seems plenty to do. Some of the favorite activities include playing broom ball and sledding down the camp's great sledding hill. This year, a few of the boys built a snow dome and two of them slept in it overnight. In the evenings the guys played board games and watched movies. That right, watched movies. We were in a heated building after all.   :-)

The guys played Monopoly and other games Friday night after we got settled in.

Doesn't this look good? The Scouts did the cooking, but the scoutmaster made the mess.

Even though it was the older boys who wanted to sleep in a snow dome, the younger also helped.

One of the guys just had to try sledding down the side of the dome, and found it a little rough.

A small hill next to the building provided some fun for the guys Saturday morning.

Many of the Scouts had never played broom ball until we played it Saturday afternoon.

After supper it was time to hollow out the snow dome. It ended up big enough for two people.

As you can tell, the sledding hill at Camp Stearns was a awesome place to have fun.

Eight Scouts and two adults attended the weekend trip to Camp Stearns.

Scouting Displays
March 2005

The troop had four displays set up around town to promote Scouting for a couple of weeks during the month of March.  The gang would would to thank the City of Melrose, the Freeport State Bank, the US Bank, and the Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union for allowing the displays and supporting Scouting in our community.

The display at the Freeport State Bank focused on advancement and troop outings.

The display at the Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union featured pictures of troop outings.

The display at US Bank showcased 25 years of patches and a few Norman Rockwell prints.

April Court Of Honor
March 2005

The troop held their first court of honor of 2005 on Monday, April 4th at the Melrose City Hall Meeting rooms. Several Scouts received merit badges and a few received ranks. This was the last court of honor for the Hawk Patrol as most of their members will turn 18 years old this summer.

Three Scouts received their First Class Rank during the ceremonies.

Sergio and his parents stood tall as he was recognized for attaining his Life Rank.

The Hawk Patrol surprised some people when they won they Progressive Patrol Award.

Home Show Display
April 2005

The troop participated in the Melrose Chamber of Commerce's Home and Health Fair by having a booth that showcased many aspects of Scouting and what it has to offer. It gave the troop a chance to see that Scouting is still alive and gave the Scouts a chance to chat with people and even teach a few Scouting skills.  The troop would like to thank State Farm Insurance for sponsoring the booth.

The booth displayed many things about Scouting and was quite colorful.

We tried to have 2-3 Scouts in the booth at all times to answer questions from people.

A few of the fair participants even stopped and learned how to tie knots.

Camp Watchamagumee
May 2005

Five members of Troop 68 participated in this year's Camp Watchamagumee outing. The big event of the weekend was the quadatholon, which consisted of tomahawk throwing, blow gun shooting, water balloon slinging, and the traditional egg drop. Throw in a few games of capture the flag, a cobbler or two, and plenty of free time and you end up with one mighty fine camping trip.

The pizzas turned out great.

The totin chip tests were challenging.

A Scout does his duty to God.

Tomahawk throwing was popular.

Even a near miss counts as a hit.

Kicking back and relaxing.

Do you know what a lily pad root looks like?

The guys thought we needed a dock.

One on One stick competition.

The water balloons went a long way.

The winners of the egg drop contest.

Participants in this year's outing.

June Court of Honor
June 27, 2005

There may not have been many awards presented at this court of honor, but that did not really matter. All awards are important in the Boy Scouts and everyone is recognized for their accomplishments. The District Executive from the Central Minnesota Council also stopped by for a visit.

Bob from the council office came to talk about Friends Of Scouting.

Several of the Scouts received a year pin for their time as a member of the troop.

Brad received the Progressive Scout Award for earning the most advancement.

King's Lake Outing
June 24-26, 2005

Even though it is only 7 miles from town, this was the first time Troop 68 has had a camping weekend at the Borgerding cabin since the 1970's. The guys had a great time. Activities included swimming, fishing, and disc golf. It was a great place to enjoy camping along a lake shore.

Fishing from the dock was a popular pastime.

The Scouts had some time to work on their advancement requirements.

Filling water balloons with the pump proved to be a challenge.

The paddle boat was a great way to stay cool during the afternoon.

Of course, the water balloon sling shot had to get some use.

Here is the fine looking crew who attended the outing.

Independence Day Celebration
July 2, 2005

The Melrose Chamber of Commerce once again held an Independence Day celebration. Various organizations had activity stations located around the park, including Boy Scout Troop 68. The troop had a water balloon sling shot which people could use to fire water balloons at a target set up down range. It also gave the public a chance to see Boy Scouts in the community.

It was a windy day when the Scout set up the booth for the afternoon.

Of course, the guys had to try it out themselves to make sure it worked.

The Scouts even had some time to participate in a couple of the festivities.

Summer Camp
July 17-23, 2005

This year's trip once again took us to our favorite site of Tyler in the Buckskin Camp of Many Point Scout Camp. Only four troop members attended by they had a great time swimming, sailing, climbing, eating cobbler, shooting 22's, and practicing their archery skills. Plus, each of the guys came home with at least two merit badges completed. One of the highlights of the week was when the Scouts lead the staff during the closing campfire in a rousing rendition of the song MPSC (done to the tune of YMCA).

There are 32 photos displayed on a separate page for summer camp.
Click Here to see the page.

Hellermann's Camping Trip
September 23-25, 2005

This year we went to Hellermann's land one month earlier then usual. The forecast was for a chance of rain the whole weekend, but we lucked out. Most of the rain fell at night when we were sleeping. Everyone had a good time. We played kickball and some football, in addition to having a good time around the campfire. Everyone went home weighing a few pounds more due to the excellent meals. The big activity was when the Melrose Fire Department brought out one of their trucks for us to look at. We even got a chance to try out some of the equipment and to spray water from the fire hose.

Mr. Hellermann, the owner of the land, came out to see how things were going.

The firemen showed us how the heat image gizmo worked and let us try it.

The Scout's tried out the "jaws of life" that fireman use to rescue some people.

Of course, we all wanted to try spraying water from the fire hose.

The troop posed with the two firemen from the Melrose Fire Department.

Later in the afternoon we help a contest to see who was best with the blow gun.

October 22, 2005

LPMR is an acronym for an outing that includes laser tag, pizza, a movie, and rollerskating. It is an outing that has become a Melrose Troop 68 tradition. Every fall/winter season the troop goes to St. Cloud to go rollerskating, go out for pizza, and then take in a current movie in the theater. It makes for a long, but very fun day.

It's the red team vs the green team during some laser tag games.

There's nothing quite like the wind through your hair as you roll around the rink.

The Scouts and their scoutmaster take a moment to discuss clean wheels.

Christmas Party
December 10, 2005

After a day day of downhill skiing at Powder Ridge Ski Resort, it was time to party! This year's Christmas party was held at the home of the scoutmaster, instead of the city meeting rooms. Thus, the Scouts had more things to do then they had in the past. Popular activities included ping pong, chess, darts, and Risk. There was also plenty of food to eat and pop to drink. At each party we watch at least one movie. This year we watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

The party began with the Boy Scouts playing games such as cards and Risk.

The Risk game was popular, but unfortunately did not get finished.

A gift exchange was held which used dice to see who would get what gift.

During the gift exchange the Scouts tried to roll doubles to exchange gifts.

Each member of the troop received a gift in addition to the gift exchange.

The party ended with watching a recently released movie on dvd.

December Court of Honor & Troop Auction
December 19, 2005

The final court of honor of the year recognized a couple troop members for earning merit badges, finishing requirements for the Eagle rank, and one Scout for earning the First Class rank. The ceremony was followed by the troop's annual troop auction in which the Scouts use "troop bucks" (not real money), to bid on various prizes. The Scouts earn troop bucks by going on outings, and earning merit badges and ranks.

The senior patrol leader and scoutmaster went over the agenda for the court of honor before the ceremony began.

As his proud parents stood by his side, one member of the Scout troop received the rank of First Class Scout.

The scoutmaster played the role of the auctioneer as the Scouts bid on various prizes during the annual troop auction.

Pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding.