Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop's
2005 Summer Camp
Highlight Gallery!

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July 17-23, 2005

This year's trip once again took us to our favorite site of Tyler in the Buckskin Camp of Many Point Scout Camp. Only four troop members attended by they had a great time swimming, sailing, climbing, eating cobbler, shooting 22's, and practicing their archery skills. Plus, each of the guys came home with at least two merit badges completed. One of the highlights of the week was when the Scouts lead the staff during the closing campfire in a rousing rendition of the song MPSC (done to the tune of YMCA).

We once again choose to stay in the Tyler Campsite of Buckskin Camp.

Our first sunset at camp was seen as we awaited the opening campfire program.

It seems the staff is always a little strange at summer camps.

The ranges are always a popular place for Scouts to attend.

The members of Troop 68 had a great time while they were at the rifle range.

Hurry up! I'm hungry! The guys are always ready to make a cobbler at Scoutcraft.

While waiting for the cobbler to bake, the Scouts played a tug-of-war game.

The boys had so much fun that even the staff had to try his skill.

Is it ready? Can we eat it yet? It was cooked to perfection!

The four Scouts, two adults, and one staff member ate the whole thing.

In the mornings the Scouts attended the Camping merit badge class.

Then, for a few of them, it was off the the C Lodge for work on the Nature badge.

The Many Point Conservation Lodge is well know around the camp.

Another popular class with the troop this year was Basketry.

The best thing about Buckskin Camp is the great food in the didning hall.

It's time for the troop sail! Ummm, how did you say this thing is steered?

We may have had a small group attend camp this year, but we all had fun.

Don't like hieghths? Then try out your skills on the bouldering wall.

This gadget was one of the newest things found at the swim beach.

Let's play a Delta game, and maybe learn a thing at the same time.

Almost every troop particpates in the Delta games.

We were invited to another troop's camp Wednesday for a campfire program.

We performed a couple songs and skits, and even tried the Fuzzy Bunny contest.

Okay guys. Get those canoes in the water. It's time to have some fun. Again.

The Scouts worked on their canoeing skills during their troop canoe period.

The guys paid a visit to Scoutmaster paul one afternoon and saw him making chokers.

Here is another great sunset picture taken Thursday night at camp.

The newest high adventure activity at Flintlock is the 3 room treehouse.

Okay, who is Robin Hood? Or Little John? Or maybe Maid Marian?

The climbing tower is always a popular activity with the Troop 68 Scouts.

It time for the closing campfire and a picture with our commissioner.

Troop 68 performed their rendition of MPSC with lots of help from the staff.

Pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding.