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Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, Minnesota
Philmont Adventure, 1992
Gallery #3

    "Setting up camp went smoothly. Shortly thereafter the troubles began.
    Ross is visiting the latrine when the first incident occurs. Nearby Nathan and Tim are having a pine cone fight. Nathan got the terrific idea to see how close he could get to Ross. He picked up a rock and threw it into the latrine. He did better then he expected to do. The rock bounces off the wall and hits Ross in the shoulder.
    It was one of the few times I have ever seen Ross lose his temper. He comes storming out of the latrine cussing up a storm. For a few several minutes the situation is tense. I think Nathan is scared for his life. Luckily for Nathan, Ross calms down quickly. No blood is shed."
Excerpt from the Philmont Journal 1992

Every once in a while the crew needed to stop and get their bearings.

But once in a while it was nice to stop to see the views provided by Philmont.

Sights like this reminded us that we were the ones intruding onto others homes.

Baldy Mountain, the highest point in Philmont, can be seen in the background.

The crew posed for a quick picture before they entered the dreaded Bear Canyon.

Bear Canyon is known as one of the hottest stretches of trail in Philmont.

Twice during the trek we picked up food at a commissary located along the route.

At Cimarroncito Camp we paused for a rest, before moving on to Webster Park Camp.

This was an interesting item that greets visitors as they arrive at Cimarroncito Camp.

A couple of the guys decided to try to catch a chipmunk at Webster Park. They did not.

It is supper time at the Park. And we were quite hungry after that day's long hike.

Webster Park Camp was a deer haven. We saw about 13 deer while at this camp.

The next morning, at Cimarroncito Camp, we took the time to try rock climbing.

The Scouts would climb one incline...

...and would then repel down another incline.

Philmont Grace
For Food, for rainment,
For life, for opportunity,
For friendship and fellowship,
We thank Thee, O Lord.

I would like to visit the 1992 Philmont Gallery:


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