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Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, Minnesota
Philmont Adventure, 1992
Gallery #1
     Boy Scout Troop 68 of Melrose, Minnesota, loves Philmont Scout Ranch. The Scouts love to hike in the majestic Rocky Mountains, explore the hidden valleys, and partake in the many programs offered throughout the camps at the ranch.
     The troop's first trip took place in 1986. In 1989 another trip was planned. By 1992, the Scouts were anxious to attend Philmont once again so the troop planned another trip for the second half of the summer.
     The crew, ten Scouts and two adult advisors, left Melrose on July 28, 1992, and arrived back home on August 12.
     The following galleries will share with you the fun times, and some not so fun times, that the crew experienced on the back country trails this time around the Philmont Scout Ranch. The following pictures cover the period from July 28 through ??

(All pictures have been thumbnailed. Please click on the pictures below to view the larger vision.)

Every crew receives a copy of its itinerary before heading into the back country. This is their lifeline to surviving.

Crews are asked to sign the Philmont Wilderness Pledge. Their crew ranger reviews this pledge during the first days of the trek.

Here is a picture of the good looking crew before the head into the back country. (You should have seen them when they returned!)

It's time to leave Minnesota. The Amtrak Superliner has arrived!

This is Chicago, as seen from the window of the dining car.

Upon arrival at Raton, New Mexico, the crew posed for a quick picture.

Kirk, our ranger, reviewed skills we would need to know in Philmont country.

Josh, our crew leader. received instructions from a member of the Philmont staff.

The crew stayed in canvas wall tents while they stayed at the base camp.

Some of the crew members visited the Seton Library and Museum.

Then it was time to begin the trek. The bus dropped us off at Six Mile Gate.

We were now on our own (so to speak) as we began our fifty mile trek.

Our first camp was Anasazi Camp, located in the northern portion of Philmont.

Late in the evening, our ranger lead us into the rocky hills for an important moment.

Here he told us of the Philmont Pledge and asked us all to live up to it while at Philmont.

Philmont Hymn

Silver on the sage
Star-lit skies above
Aspen covered hills
Country that I love.
Philmont, here's to thee
Scouting's paradise
Out in God's country - tonight.
Wind in whisp'ring pine
Eagles soaring high
Purple mountains rise
Against an azure sky.
Philmont, here's to thee
Scouting's paradise
Out in God's country - tonight.

I would like to visit the 1992 Philmont Gallery:


Note: Pictures are the property of Steve Borgerding, and may not be used without the written consent of Mr. Borgerding. Thank you.