Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68's
1980 Photo Gallery! 
All pictures on this page are thumbnailed. Click on them for the big picture.

First Outing: Ripley
Sauk River Canoe Trip Softball Game
Fall Camporee Lake Sylvia Outing Halloween Party

First Outing: Ripley Rendezvous
Spring 1980

   The Central Minnesota Council and Camp Ripley National Guard Base have worked together for many years to bring the Boy Scouts to the base for a weekend of fun and learning. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures taken at Camp Ripley, but we have a few of the boys getting ready to leave.

Hmmm. What are we doing here?

Come on! Let's get things packed up!

Ummm...where are we going to?

Sauk River Canoe Trip
August 9, 1980

     Yeah well, this is Minnesota, land of 10,000 plus lakes and thousands of miles of rivers. It's only natural that the troop goes on a canoe trip. Especially since the Sauk River goes right through our community. It was our third outing and it was a blast! Everyone had a great time paddling the canoes and swimming at the end of the trip.

The mighty crew is about to explore the Sauk River.

The river is a nice easy going river, but does have a few challenges.

Time for a break. Who brought the canteens? Soda? Peanuts?

Gosh, no one brought any food? I guess I will have to catch my own.

And now, for a limited engagement, it's the Troop 68 Rockettes.

We don't stink, anymore. All this river water washed us clean.

Softball Game
Summer, 1980

    A Boy Scout meeting can not always be about learning stuff. Sometimes you just have to get outside and have some fun.  Grab your glove and bat and meet us on the softball field located behind the hospital.

What? We are here to play ball tonight?

I think the Twins better be worried.

Batter up! Slug it out of the park.

Fall Camporee
September 19-21, 1980

    This was the first camporee the Melrose Scouts attended since the troop began in December 1979. The camporee was held at Parker Scout Reservation, which was the council's summer camp until it closed in the mid-70's. You could tell the camp needed some work done to it, but the Scouts did not care. They were there to have have, and that is what they did. Of course, they may have learned a couple things along the way.

The troop poses in front of the gateway to their campsite.

The troop clowns it up a bit in front of the gateway to their campsite.

A patrol competition kept the Scouts busy during the day.

One station tested the Scouts knowledge of basic first aid.

Hot dogs and hamburgers, always a Boy Scout favorite.

Stand back, I have a stick and I know how to use it!

Lake Sylvia Outing
November 1980

    The troop spent a weekend at Lake Sylvia which is located about 6 miles north of Melrose. Two of the highlights of the weekend included an obstacle course which used most of the park, and a campwide lightsaber duel.  The weather was cool, but when you consider the month, we actually had a very nice weekend.

I think this explains why their mothers wanted them out of the house.

Hot dogs again? Didn't we have those at the fall camporee too?

And he's off! The obstacle course races begin as the Scouts jump over the bench.

Run fast and jump high as you attempt to jump over the gully.

You have to get all the way across the rail, but watch out for slivers.

After you have completed the course you can have a nice cold cola.

Halloween Party
November 1980

    You just gotta have a Halloween party to attend when the holiday comes around. Troop 68 held a party and many of the boys came in costume. There was plenty to eat and drink, and we even had a costume competition.

Most pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding.