Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Explanation of site and pages
Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, Minnesota
About Us
Here is where you can learn more about the Scouting Program, the committee, and the operation of Boy Scout Troop 68.

Order Of The Arrow
Just a page for stuff relating to the Order of the Arrow. It also includes a collection of thumb nailed past and present patches pictures, along with brief explanations of each one.
Keep up with who earned what during the last quarter. Links to other sites featuring merit badge and rank requirements are found here.

Other BSA and Troop Links
This page is just what the title says. If we find interesting sites about scouting we will provide a link for you to check it out. If you have a troop web page of your own let us know about it. We may include your link also.
A Scoutmaster's Blog
This is a online journal of the Boy Scout Troop 68 scoutmaster's point of view and thoughts on over 28 years as a Boy Scout Leader in central Minnesota. This journal also covers the troop's latest events.

Find a listing of every young man who has been a member of Troop 68 on this page. Also listed is when each member joined the troop, and left it, how many merit badges he earned, and what rank he attained.
Campfire Favorites
What would Scouting be without the fun and good times around the campfire at night. These pages include some of the troop's favorite songs and skits, and a few of their own original.

Photo Galleries & Yearly Highlights
This is intended to be similar to a year book. Several pictures from each year's highlights will be posted on these pages, along with a brief explanation. Many of the pictures are thumb nailed.
This is where to have a little fun and keep up with the troop members who play dungeons and dragons.

Test Yourself
The Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 are required to earn their Totin Chip and Fireman Chit cards each year by taking a written exam. Now you can test your knowledge of tool and fire safety by taking these tests.
High Adventure
Troop 68 tries to take a high adventure trip every three years. This part of our site will offer you a chance to view some of the pictures from these trips, and the journals written about the events. Links to high adventure bases may also be found here.

Here are Scouting related videos including videos produced by the BSA for commercials and promotions. The page also includes videos by the members of Troop 68 filmed during their annual Laughs For Lunch Show, and various camping trips. This is the official home of Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, videos.
Message Board & Forum
Troop members love to chat and leave messages on the board. You can too. And we would love to hear from you. Or leave a message in our guest book.  Of course, this is a scouting site, so lets keep the messages clean of vulgarity. Thank you.

Yearly Program Agendas 
  A good troop has a good plan. Each year the patrol leader council plans an agenda for a twelve month period. At this site you can review several of the past year's agenda's. Check out the new 1999-2000 program!
Melrose Scout Productions Podcast
Many of the troop's videos can know be downloaded through this podcast and subscribed through various podcasting media, including the iTunes Music Store. We really do appreciate your subscription..

Around The Scouting Campfire podcast
This is the newest audio podcast produced by Scoutmaster Steve and Buttons, the radical Boy Scout. It is a companion podcast to the Melrose Scout Productions Podcast. It can be found through various podcast feeds including the iTunes Music Store.


If you notice any links that do not work please email us so we can correct the problem. Thank you.