Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68's
Original Campfire

The Ballad of Watchamagumee
The Battle of Plenty Coup: Part 1
Killer Cattle
Wasn't That A Campfire?

words by Troop 68 
 sung to the tune of "Oh, Ain’t It A Beauty"

Oh! Ain’t it a beauty?
Watchamagumee is the camp for me.
Oh! Ain’t it a beauty?
There's no other place that we would rather be.
De de de de de de de de de de...

There aren't many Scouts who are lucky enough to have the camp we're in.
The skeeters are big, and bad, and mean.   It really is a sin.
We swat and we cuss. We make such a fuss.
They carry us off alive.
All we can do is sit with our cans and spray them in the eyes.

The weather is something to talk about. It's really very queer.
The hail's as big as soccer balls.   It totaled all our gear.
The wind's so strong, it took a scout and threw him in the air.
The only thing we ever found was his pinkish underwear.

The chipmunks and skunks and bears and mice are many, that is true.
I tell you we've even got more of them then   that camp called Plenty Coup.
Take for example, that skunk last who came into our joint.
We'll never argue with him again. He surely made his point!


words by Troop 68
sung to the tune of "The Battle of New Orleans"

1) In 1982 we took a little trip,
along with Captain Roberts. Oh we must have been some dips.
We took a little clothing, and we took some extra shoes.
We fought the mighty skeeters in the camp of Plenty Coup.

We sprayed our cans but the skeeters kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We sprayed once more and they began a buzzing
Down the paths and trails, to the waterfront they go.

2) Well, we looked down the trail and we seen the skeeters come.
There must have been a million of them, thought that we should run.
They buzzed so low that they made the people duck.
We hid behind the trees and bushes. Didn't have much luck.

3) Well, old’ Steven said we could take them by surprise
If we didn't spray our cans ‘till we looked them in the eyes.
Held our spraying ‘till we saw their stingers well,
Then we opened up those Cutter's cans and really gave them... Well, we...

They buzzed through the bushes, and they buzzed through the trees,
and they buzzed all around us as we dropped to our knees.
They buzzed so fast that the birds couldn't get them.
Down the paths and trails, to the waterfront we let them.

4) Well, we sprayed our cans till the fizzle sizzled out.
Then we lead them to the bathrooms where we hoped to stink them out.
They got so close that they dropped dead left and right.
We won the war of Plenty Coup using all our might.

words by Troop 68 
sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"

Our troop was attacked by killer cattle, (steers, cows, bulls)
camped at Watchamagumee late one night. (evening, twilight, darkness)
You can say that cattle are not killers, (murder, death, kill)
but as for me and the troop, we know we're right. (We know we're right.)

1)  We were camped at Watchamagumee, Everything was going fine.
Raked our campsite, fetched our firewood.
And the tents and flies were pitched in record time.
We went out to play some softball, through the woods over the hill.
Used cow patties for the bases, Meanwhile cows were making plans for the big kill.

2)  When the softball game was over, to our fine camp we walked back.
The night was falling all around us.
Time to get the sleeping bags off of the pack.
They'd begun their awful rampage, Through our camp they'd wondered through.
Trampled one of our camp stove stands. The Eureka tents they bent a pole or two.

3)  The kitchen was a major battleground. The cooler they had opened up.
They had stepped on all our wieners.
Ate doritoes, bread, a baseball, and a cup.
A cow had backed up to the cooler. Thought she'd leave a gift for us.
It looked just like Mellow Yellow. When we saw what she had done we had a fuss.

4)  Of us, the cattle had no fear, though we would scream right in their face.
They set their hoofs into the earth,
With determination they would stay their place.
The damage was too great to bare, Broken equipment laid about.
For our lives we greatly feared. We fled camp with a few items and a shout.

M. P. S. C.
words by Troop 68
(Done to the tune of "YMCA")

1)  Young man, When you need to get out,
I said, young man, get away from the crowds.
I said, young man, don't just sit there and pout.
Get up and camp with the Boy Scouts.

That's where, you can shoot 22s.
I said, that's where, there's always something to do.
I said, that's where, you can eats lots of stew,
get belly aches and turn shades of blue.

It's fun to go to the M.P.S.C. You've got to go to the M.P.S.C.
You can tie a few knots, you can cook your own meal,
You can do whatever you feel.

M.P.S.C. You've got to go to the M.P.S.C.
Young man, young man, don't just sit on your tail.
Young man, young man, get yourself on the trail.

2)  Voyagers, is the place you should be
if you want to, cook your food as you please.
Then there's Ten Chiefs, out among all the trees,
with no shower facility.

Buck Skin, is the camp where you call
patrol members, to eat in the dining hall.
Project Cope is, the place where you do it all
even experience free fall.

3)  Young man, the bathrooms are quite unique.
I said, young man, wait till you get a peek.
I said, young man, it's the place that you seek
When you can't wait any longer.

Then there's, the bedroom facilities
Where you can get, a bit caught up on your zz’s
Where the canvas, let's in all the bugs and fleas
Unless you've got mosquito netting.

words by troop 68
sung to the tune: "Wasn't That A Party"

Could have been the root beer.    Might have been my kin.
Could have been the three or four mushrooms, I don't know,
But look at the mess I'm in.
My head is like a flicker ball. I think I'm gonna die.
Tell me me-o-me-o-my,
Wasn't that a campfire.

(Name) took a grape fruit. He wore it like a hat.
I saw (name) under the picnic table talking to the smelly cat.
They were talking ‘bout flicker ball. The cat was talking back.
‘Long about then everything went black.
Wasn't that a campfire.
I'm sure its just my memory, playing tricks on me.
But I think I saw (name) cutting down my favorite tree.

Well (name), (name), and (name),  well, they went a little far.
They were sitting in the parking lot, blowing on the siren, 
of somebody's police car.
So you see your honor, it was all in fun.
That little bit of track meet down at the rifle range
 was to see if the staff could run.
Well, they run us in to see you, in a carbonated haze.
Sure can use those thirty days to recover from the campfire.

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