Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68's
Original Campfire

First, the Skits:
Nervous Ned Takes A Break
Star Trekking Prelude

developed by troop 68

(6 people needed to act out this play as the narrator reads it)

It all began one sunny evening in the month of December. Our hero, Ned, is out for his morning hunt of the dreaded chipmunks. As you can see, he is dressed for the weather. And of course, he has his trusty chipmunk gun.

The day goes on. The sun begins to set in its easterly bed. Ned has not seen a sight of a chipmunk all day so he decides that it is time to head back home. He packs up his things and begins the long journey home.

<>Along the way he came across an obstacle in his path. An old elm tree had fallen down, blocking his way. So Ned, being none to wise, stepped on the old tree as he went over it. His foot sank into the rotten tree trunk, throwing him off balance. As he fell his gun went flying into a thorn bush. Ned let out a yelp as his face hit the dirt and broke his nose.  Ned tried to push himself up off the ground but to his dismay he fell back to the ground with another yelp. His trigger finger was broken, he discovered.

He carefully examined the rest of his body and discovered he had also sprained his ankle. Though the pain was terrible, Ned dragged himself off the tree and pulled himself to the thorn bush to retrieve his gun. As he reached into the bush for his gun his arm got scratched and cut by the thorns.

<>He brushed himself off and rose to his feet, using his trusty chipmunk gun as a crutch. Slowly, he made his way down the trail.
That was until he set his gun into a gopher hole. Down he fell again. As he raised his head he found himself face to face with the dreaded Gardner snake. The snake, being just as frightened of Ned as Ned was of it, defended itself and bit Ned in the arm.  Ned immediately went into shock and lost consciousness.

Times continued. Hours drag into hundreds of minutes, then thousands of seconds. Ned still laid there, on and on and on.

<>Meanwhile, the Chipmunk Patrol of Troop 36.8 happened to be taking a hike on that very same trail. They gathered around Ned to examine him.  Suddenly, the patrol leader yells, “He is hurt!” 

Another scout exclaimed, “He is in shock!”, and proceeded to treat him with his vast knowledge of first aid by raising Ned’s feet. It was then that the scout noticed the broken ankle and began to treat that.

A third scout shouted, “His nose is broken,” and knelt down to bandage Ned’s head. Ned yelped as the scout knelt on his finger, thus alerting the scout to another injury.

A fourth scout noticed the two puncture wounds on Ned’s arm and shouted, “He has been bitten by a poisonous snake!” He sliced the arm open and began to suck out the poison.

<>The patrol leader watched proudly and stated, “We must send for help!”  All his patrol members stood up and volunteered. “I’ll go,” they yell as they ran down the trail leaving the patrol leader behind with Ned.

The patrol leader looked at his fleeing members, then at Ned, and then down the trail again. “Wait for me,” he yelled as he took off down the trail after his piers.

Well, there laid Ned, in the middle of the woods in the middle of the month of December, in the twenty below heat. Ned moaned and groaned, and finally decided that if he was going to receive any help he would have to get it himself. He grabbed his trusty chipmunk gun and pulled himself down the trail.

(Ned pulls himself out of the audience view. Once out of view we hear a bang.)

The moral of the story is, “Never put shotgun shells into a rifle.”

(6 people needed)

(Kirk is sitting in a chair in the center of the stage area. The other crew members are around the stage placed as if they were on the bridge of the Enterprise.)

Kirk - Captain's Log, Stardate 92694. Today has been rather boring. I have even lost my toothbrush.
Sulu - Captain. There is an unidentified object directly ahead of us.
Kirk - Uhura...
Uhura - I’ll attempt to contact it on all frequencies sir.
Spock - Captain. Sensors detect a massive life form bearing straight for us at warp eight.
Kirk - Scotty. Get us out of here. Full reverse.
Scott - But Captain, that will tear the ship apart. And besides, I canna find the blasted reverse button.
Kirk - McCoy, don't just stand there. Do something.
McCoy - What do you want me to do Jim? I'm a doctor, not an engineer.
Kirk - (Stands and takes a few steps forward.)  What it that thing?
Scott - (Comes forward to stand by Kirk’s right side.)  Captain, I canna find reverse.. But I did find this. (Hold up a toothbrush.)
McCoy - (Standing on Scott's right.)  Jim, are you sure that thing is not dead?
Spock - (Standing to McCoy's right.)  It is life doctor. But not as we know it.
Uhura - (Standing to Spock’s right.)   Captain, Klingon’s have just entered this sector.
Sulu - (Standing next to Uhura.)   Captain. I have set an orbit around this planet.
Kirk - (Stepping forward from the line.)  Space, the final frontier. These are the characters of the starship Enterprise. Their continuing mission is to entertain you, to make total fools of themselves, to boldly go where no one dared go before.
(Step back into the line. Begin singing ‘Star Trekking’.)

Watch the troop perform Star Trekking!
In 1990, several members of Troop 68 performed Star Trekking on a local television show.
Now, you too can see it by clicking on the link here.
Star Trekking - Watch it now!
Quicktime movie.   9.8 MB
5 minutes, 36 seconds
size: 240x180

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