Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
1996 Highlight Gallery!

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Most photographs of property of Steve Borgerding and may not be reprinted without his permission.

Spring Time News

A junior training session was held after elections for troop officers was held in March. These guys completed the course with flying colors.

In the spring we had a new patrol formed as the Webelos Scouts became members of the troop. They formed the Charging Chipmunk Patrol.

Court Of Honor
March 25, 1996

The first court of honor for the year was held at the Melrose City Office meeting rooms. It was a good award ceremony. Several ranks were presented including Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Star Ranks.

One Year pins were presented to several members of the troop.

Two Scouts received their Tenderfoot Rank during the ceremony.

One Scout received his Second Class Rank, the second rank attainable.

Rock Climbing Trip
May 17-19, 1996

The troop has gone rock climbing at Taylor Falls on several occations over the years. Each time the Scouts, and adult leaders, have had a great time. Plus, it is a great confidence building for anyone who tries it, even if you only get part way up the cliff side. Why? Because you tried it and conquered your fears.

The Scouts received instructions on proper climbing tecniques before being allowed to climb.

While the cliffs may not be as large as other parts of the country they did seem quite high during the climb.

A few of the guys await their turn to climb as the rest on one of the lower ledges.

Is this what is called being caught between a rock and a hard place?

We were able to try our skills at miniature golf when we returned to our camp site.

It was a large and fine looking group that attended the trip to Taylor Falls, MN.

Tennis Tournament
June 26-30, 1996

This was the fourth tennis tournament the troop has held. Many of the troop members participate in the fun, even though they know they may not advance very far. We play it as a double elimination so that all participants are able to play at least two games.

It was quite warm during the tournament, and the games were great to watch.

The top three place winners posed for a shot after the tournament was completed.

Summer Camp
July 14-20, 1996

This was the sixteenth year of Troop 68 attending summer camp. Once again, they attended camp at Many Point Scout Camp in Minnesota. And once again, they had a blast!

Eighteen Scouts from Troop 68 attended camp this year, along with two adult leaders.

This is a view of the camp from the ranger tower located within Many Moint.

It is always nice to have a quiet moment in camp around the campfire ring.

The greased watermelon game is a popular activity at the waterfront.

The teatherball area is also popular since it is located at the beach area.

The trust fall is just one of the activities the troop did during the DELTA time slot.

Fall Camporee
September 13-15, 1996

The Scenic District of the Central Minnesota Council held a fall camporee at Parker Scout Reservation near Merrifield, Minnesota. Troop 68 was in attendance, of course.

A steady hand was needed as the scouts tried to set off a mouse trap using a fishing pole.

One activity tested the Scouts ability to hit a target when casting a fishing rod.

Eight members of Troop 68 attended the camporee at Parker Scout Camp.

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