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Welcome to the troop 68's
1995 Highlight Gallery!

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Most photographs of property of Steve Borgerding and may not be reprinted without his permission.

February 18-19, 1995

Camping in the snow is one of the things that Scouts from Minnesota can do each year, while Scouts in Florida can not. This weekend happened to be a mild winter weekend as far as the weather was concerned. In fact, it was almost too warm. The snow was begining to melt. But don't worry, it still got cold during the evening hours.

Of cousre, getting camp set up is the first piority upon arrival.

Sledding was a lot of fun down one of the hills in camp.

All right, who didn't put their stuff away where it should be?

Snowboarding down Bunker Hill was fun for a while.

Sunday morning we had to thaw out a few boots that where left outside.

Here is the crew that braved the Minnesota winter in 1996.

February 27, 1995

It is fun to look back at the pictures from Cub Scout meeting to see how the guys have grown over the years. The are usually small when they become Boy Scout, but give them a couple years and they become taller then the Scoutmaster

The Bobcat Den receives their acheivements.

The second year Webelos also received their acheivements.

A future Eagle Scout is welcomed into the troop.

April 21-23, 1995

Nearly every year the Central Minnesota Council and Camp Ripley work to bring Scouts from across Minnesota together for the Ripley Rendezvous. Scouts are able to compete in many different programs testing their skills and knoledge, and have a lot of fun doing it all.

A group walk was just one of the many stations testing patrol teamwork.

Scouts were times on how fast they could cut through a log.

Sixteen Troop 68 members participated in the event this year.

April 28, 1995

The Central Minnesota Council, during its annual recognition banquet, may present the Good Media Award to a media related organization that has done an outstanding job of promoting Scouting in its area. This year the council presented this award to Mel-TV 3 of Melrose, the local cable access television channel. Cal Meyer, Mel-TV 3 coordinator, was on hand to receive the award.

May 29, 1995

Troop 68 holds for Courts of Honor each year. Here are a couple of pics from the second of these, which was held at the Lions City Park along the Sauk River.

Brad, Josh, and Paul received their three year pins.

Waylon and Tim received the four year pin.

Tom, Corey, and Nathan, received the five year pin.

September 22-24, 1995

This year's fall camporee was held at the Ann Lake Campground in Sand Dunes Park. Everyone had a lot of fun, even though there was a lot of walking involved.

A game of touch football is a great way to use some free time.

It was quite a group that went along on this activity.

First aid skills was one of the knoledge areas during the stations.

November 1995

We don't get the chance to do this vary often but we did take time during one meeting to get a group photo taken. It this not a great looking group of guys?

December 2, 1995

Each year we have a Christmas party. We watch movies, and eat loads of pizzas and snacks, and drinks gallons of soda. We also have a gift exchange for those who wish to participate. It is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

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