Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
1994 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumb nailed. Click on them for a bigger picture.


 March Court Of Honor
 May Court Of Honor
 State-Wide Ripley Rendezvous
 Rock Climbing
 Summer Camp
 Canoe trip
 Special Awards
 Fall Camporee
Visit to Fire Department


Court Of Honor
March 28, 1994

Here are a couple pictures from the first court of honor of 1994.

The Scouts did a skit to the enjoyment of the parents and family members.

Jon received the rank of Tenderfoot Scout.

Tim and Jon tied for the honors of receiving the Progressive Scout Award.

Court Of Honor
May 30, 1994

The May court of Honor was held in the Lion's City Park. In addition to the awards we also had a pot luck supper.

Nathan received a merit badge.

Adam and Pat received the Tenderfoot Rank.

Many Scouts received "troop bucks".

State-Wide Ripley Rendezvous
June 3-5, 1994

The first ever state-wide Ripley Rendezvous was held this year at Camp Ripley in central Minnesota. Nearly 10,000 Boy Scouts and leaders attended the event which made it one of the largest Scouting events in the nation that year. It was quite a good time.

There were a lot of activities for Scouts to participate in. This one involved carrying a Scout from one point to another.

Some of the stations tested Scouts in their Scouting skills knowledge. This station tested Scouts' knowledge in tying knots.

Of course, military equipment was on display at the museum, which was open for the Boy Scouts to wonder through.

There was a show Saturday night for the entertainment of the 10,000 Scouts and leaders who attended the event.

The Scouts were wore out when it came time for sleep. You know the Scouts had a workout when they don't complain about going to bed.

Troop 68 was well represented during the state-wide event. Eleven Scouts and three adults from Melrose attended the Ripley Rendezvous.

Rock Climbing Trip
June 24-26, 1994

Every couple of years the troop plans a trip to the Taylor Falls State Park in Minnesota to do some climbing of the cliffs. Everything is done quite safely, and everyone has a great time. Making a successful climb can be a great confidence builder.

Waylon, Tom, and a mystery Scout await their turn to climb the cliffs of Taylor Falls.

Corey was a regular monkey when it came time to do some climbing.

Getting to the top is what it is all about. These guys already made successful climbs.

Summer Camp
July 10-16, 1994

Crow Wing Scout Camp was the site for our week-long summer camp this year. It is one of our favorite summer camps to attend. It is a great place to earn merit badges and have a lot of fun, as you will be able to tell from looking at these pictures.

The beaches are always a popular place to be. Our troop spent a lot of time at the canoeing area.

The frisbee golf course was a great place to have some fun when you had the extra time.

The rifle range was always busy at Crow Wing, just like it is at any summer camp.

Crow Wing Scout camp provided the food but we had to cook our own meals.

A few of the older Scouts participated in the Project Cope Course which was a good challenge.

Everyone got to participate in the DELTA activities. DELTA is one thing we always do while at camp.

Flickerball seems to be a dying game, but not at Crow Wing. It combines football and soccer.

Every year we do a camp good turn. This year we planted trees around the beach area.

Nine Scouts and two adult leaders attended summer this year at Crow Wing Scout camp.

Canoe Trip
August 19-21, 1994

Hey, we are from Minnesota, so we like doing activities involving water. The Sauk River runs through Melrose so we decided to take a 3 day canoe trip down the river. We learned a few things along the way (like how strong is the current in an electric fence), and bettered our canoeing skills.

Get those canoes packed! It is time to start heading down the river.

The Sauk River made not be a large river, but it is a nice one to canoe down.

During Saturday afternoon we stopped on this sand bar for a short break.

"Come on, touch this electric fence. I dare you." The fence became a source of entertainment.

As the trip came to an end we washed all the canoes that we borrowed for the trip.

Eleven Scouts and four adults attended this canoe trip down the river.

Special Awards Presented
Fall, 1994

Two members of Troop 68 received special recognition for awards they earned during 1994.

Eagle Scout Tom Hanson won the Minnesota Sons of the American Revolution Award. He he accepts the Spreading Wings Eagle Trophy in the fall of 1994.

Tim Nathe earned his Eagle Award in 1994. He held his court of honor on September 18, 1994. For more information check out the Eagle Hall of Fame.

Fall Camporee
September 23-25, 1994

The Scenic District Fall Camporee was held at the Birch Lake State Forest campgrounds which is located about ten miles north of Melrose. Troop 68 was the host troop for the camporee. Troop 68 also planned and performed many of the skits and songs for the saturday evening campfire program.

Most of the troop membership attended the district's fall camporee. It was a good thing to. We needed them for the campfire program.

Shane, Nathan, and Corey of the Chuck Taylor patrol, along with another troop member Tim, showed off their patrol flag.

Hmm, what to do. The patrol plans on how to accomplish an activity at one of the stations during the Saturday morning activities.

This campfire looks a little strange. It also has a few surprises built into it. The troop spent a lot of time building this special campfire.

The Scouts of Troop 68 planned and performed most of the campfire program. Here they are waiting for the program to begin.

On of the songs performed by the Troop 68 Scouts was their rendition of the novelty song, Shaving Cream.

Visit to the Fire Department
November 7, 2002

The troop left its regular meeting place this Monday and took a field trip to the Melrose Fire Department. Fire Chief Revermann met us and gave us a tour of the facilities and explained what the job of a fireman really is.

Fire Chief Revermann met with the troop in the fire hall's meeting room before beginning the tour.

The chief showed the Scouts the gear and the fire trucks that the department used.

Special thanks to Steve Borgerding who provided most of the pictures used on this page.