Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68's
2007 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumbnailed. Click on them for the big picture.


Laughs For Lunch Practice Laughs For Lunch Show Blue and Gold Banquet
Scout Sunday
Overnighter Outing March Court of Honor
Merit Badge Weekend The Race Car Chris' Eagle Court of Honor
Ripley Rendezvous Watchamagumee Outing June Court of Honor
River Park Clean-Up Many Point Scout Camp School Night To Join Scouting
Memoryville, MN Hellermann's Outing Fall Overnighter Outing
Christmas Party December Court of Honor

Laughs For Lunch Practice
January Meetings

     If a troop is going to perform well during a show it needs to practice. That is what the Scouts of Troop 68 did during their meetings in January. They only have three two hour troop meetings and one Saturday afternoon practice to get their parts down for the big show.

Practicing a song.

Sudsy Dudsy Soap.

The Invisible Bench.

The Firing Squad.

Laughs For Lunch Show
January 27, 2007

     What is Laughs For Lunch? It is an annual show the Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 perform for the community that supports them throughout the year. Audience members bring an item of food for the local food shelf as admission to the show. Thus, the Scouts provide the laughs while the audience provides the lunch for the needy.
     This is the eleventh show the troop has held. The show is based on songs and skits seen at some of the campfire programs at summer camps and camporees. In addition to well know campfire songs and skits the troop has developed a few original bits that also have become a part of the show. Some of the bits even included audience members who were brought on stage to have a little fun.

Ballad of Watchamagumee.

Clean as Two Rivers.

Suicide Group Jump.

Star Trekking.

I Want To Marry the Princess.

The Firing Squad.


This year's performers.

Blue and Gold Banquet
February 26, 2007

     Cub Scout Pack 68 held their Blue and Gold Banquet on Monday, February 26, at the American Legion. The food was great and there were plenty of awards to be presented. One Webelos Scout graduated from the Pack to the Boy Scout Troop.

Blue and Gold
Let's eat!
Blue and Gold
Friends of Scouting
Blue and Gold
Members of the Pack.
Blue and Gold
The graduating Webelos Scout.

Scout Sunday
February 4, 2007

   The Boy Scouts of St. Mary's Church in Melrose participated in service as part of Scout Sunday. (Pictures by Jeff Duclos.)

Scout Sunday
The gifts were brought up by an older Scout, the scoutmaster, and a former committee member.
Scout Sunday
Two Scouts acted as servers for the service.
Scout Sunday
A Scout is reverent.
Scout Sunday
One Scouts head the book for the priest during the service.

Overnighter Outing
February 24, 2007

   The Scouts outing this month was an overnighter at the Scoutmaster's home. Movies were playing all night in addition to the Omegathon, a three part competition consisting of chess, darts, and ping pong. The younger Scouts stayed awake all night but the older Scouts began falling asleep around 3:00 in the morning.

Scouts play table tennis.
One activity during the overnighter was a table tennis tournament.
Scouts play darts.
Playing darts was another popular pastime.
Scouts play chess.
The chess tournament was the third part of the Omegathon.
Scouts play Risk.
Some of the Scouts played Risk as the morning arrived.

March Court of Honor
March 26, 2007

   The troop first court of honor for the new year went very well. In addition to the awards presented the guys tried to play "Who's Line Is It", based off the television show. Congratulations to everyone who received awards.

March Court of Honor, 2007
The ceremonies began with the presentations of the colors.
March Court of Honor, 2007
A council representative spoke about Friends of Scouting.
March Court of Honor, 2007
Two new members were introduced during the meeting.
March Court of Honor, 2007
Four Scouts participated in "Who's Line Is It Anyway"
March Court of Honor, 2007
Two Boy Scouts received the Tenderfoot Rank.
March Court of Honor, 2007
Two troop members received the rank of Second Class Scout.
March Court of Honor, 2007
One Scout was presented with the rank of Star Scout.
March Court of Honor, 2007
The Nighthawk Patrol won the Progressive Patrol Award.

Merit Badge Weekend
May 4-6, 2007

   The Scouts of Troop 68 attended a special weekend at Parker Scout Reservation this weekend along with several other troops with one thing in mind - to earn merit badges. Nearly twenty merit badges were offered. The boys could earn up to four of them from Friday night through Sunday afternoon. The nine Scouts from our troop completed thirty merit badges. Great job!

Parker Scout Weekend
The Scouts never went away hungry with these guys in charge.
Parker Scout Weekend
A couple merit badge courses were offered in the craft lodge.
Parker Scout Weekend
Time to get up and prepare for the next merit badge.
Parker Scout Weekend
The Scouts played cards during free time before supper.
Parker Scout Weekend
Announcements before supper. Couldn't they wait until after we ate?
Parker Scout Weekend
Archeology was one of the merit badges offered.
Parker Scout Weekend
John was the chief organizer of the weekend outing.
Parker Scout Weekend
These nine guys did a great job earning badges during the weekend.

The Race Car
May 21, 2007

   The Scouts of Troop 68 got a special treat during their May 21st meeting when Lance Stueve, a race car driver at the I-94 Speedway in Sauk Centre, visited the troop to show the boys his car. He discussed what it was like racing and showed the boys the engine and explained a few things about the car. Each Scout was allowed to sit in the car for a picture, and received a souvenir from Mr. Stueve. Notice that Mr. Stueve has the Boy Scout logo on both sides of this car. Thanks Lance!

Race car driver visit.
The Scouts gathered around the car to hear tales about racing.
Race car driver visit.
Lance showed the boys the inside of the car, including the trunk.
Race car driver visit.
The engine did not look very much like a regular car engine.
Race car driver visit.
The Scout logo is found on the back of both sides of the car.

Race car driver visit. Race car driver visit.

Chris' Eagle Court of Honor
May 20, 2007

   The Eagle Court of Honor of Chris Kluempke was held at the River Park pavilion on Sunday, May 20. Nathan Ellering, another Eagle Scout of Troop 68, was the master of ceremonies. The court of honor went well and was quite humorous at times. The weather was another story however. It was cold, windy, and looked like rain during the whole ceremony. Congratulations Chris on attaining Scouting's Highest Award!
     More of Chris' years as a Boy Scout, and the video shown at his court of honor, can be seen by clicking HERE.

Chris Kluempke Eagle Court of Honor
Chris and Nathan, the master of ceremonies.
Chris Kluempke Eagle Court of Honor
Chris and his proud parents.
Chris Kluempke Eagle Court of Honor
Chris presents his mother with her last mother's pin.
Chris Kluempke Eagle Court of Honor
Alex recites the Charge of the Eagle.

Ripley Rendezvous
June 1-3, 2007

   The Scouts of Troop 68 participated in this year's state-wide Ripley Rendezvous. Over 10,000 Boy Scouts and leaders could be found at Camp Ripley in central Minnesota for this event. The boys had a lot of fun during the day in the wide variety of activities offered. A little unplanned excitement happened Saturday night as a strong storm cell passed by the area. The big evening show was canceled but the fireworks were still enjoyed by all.

Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Playing ball Friday night.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Three way tug of war was a popular event.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Climbing on the military equipment was also popular.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Many Scouts toured the military museum.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Native Americas had an activity station Saturday.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Even the Minnesota Gophers football team has something.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Saturday's supper consisted of self-heating boxed meals.
Ripley Rendezvous 2007
Most of the troop attended the weekend outing.

Watchamagumee Outing
June 22-24, 2007

   The annual trip to Camp Watchamagumee was a month late this year, but that did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Scouts who attended. Two troop alumni also joined us on the weekend outing and helped teach Scouting skills to the younger boys. A contest to see who could start a fire by flint and steel was held. The egg drop competition was a lot of fun, as was the campfire program Saturday night.

Just relaxing around the campfire Friday night.

Nick gives a demonstration about starting a fire with flint and steel.

There is nothing like a great cooked meal when camping.

Preparing for the Totin' Chit Test and Fireman Chit.

Most of us eat better on a campout then we do at home.

Team A shows off their handiwork for the egg drop contest.

Team B thinks they are going to win the contest.

Team C won the flint and steel fire building contest.

A Scout is reverent. Waiting for services to begin.

The Nighthawk patrol performs a skit during the evening campfire.

The Nighthawks even got our assistant scoutmaster involved.

Nick and Sergio joined us for the outing and sang during the campfire.

June Court of Honor
June 25, 2007

   There were plenty of awards to be presented during the second court of honor this year. A couple dozen merits were earned during the merit badge weekend. Some of the Scouts also completed ranks since the last court of honor. The meeting was held at the Melrose City Hall.

June Court of Honor
The honor guard presents and posts the colors.
June Court of Honor
Many of the Boy Scouts received merit badges.
June Court of Honor
Special awards were also given during the ceremony.
June Court of Honor
The Nighthawk Patrol won the Progressive Patrol Award.

River Park Cleanup
July 1, 2007

The Melrose Chamber of Commerce sponsors an Independance Day celebration each year in the city's River Park. The festivities brings hundreds, if not thousands, of people to town. For the last couple of decades it has been the Boy Scout's and Girl Scout's job to clean up the huge mess that is left behind and stack all the tables and chairs so they can be easily picked up. This year was no exception. To tell the truth, I think the mess was actually worse this year.

River Park Cleanup Project
It seems that many people do not know how to clean up after themselves.
River Park Cleanup Project
The pull-tab gambling area was one of the worse areas for garbage, most of it being very small.
River Park Cleanup Project
The city really needs to consider placing more garbage barrels around the park.
River Park Cleanup Project
This is the troop's crew that cleaned the park the second of the two mornings that we did this.

Many Point Scout Camp
July 15-21, 2007

Eight members of Boy Scout Troop 68 attended Many Point Scout Camp this year. The week was filled with activities and learning. Once again, the troop stayed in the Seton Campsite of the Buckskin Camp. This year's staff was terrific and really helped the boys have a great week. On Friday afternoon, we left camp to take a field trip to Itasca State Park were the headwaters of the Mississippi River is located.

Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Waiting to get into the dining hall for supper.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
It is nearly time for the troop swim.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
The Seton Campsite in Buckskin.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
The Buckskin rifle range.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Smile! Your picture is now taken.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Preparing popcorn for the campfire.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Enjoying the campfire.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Working on the chapel benches.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Participants of the Ironman Relay.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Visiting the Many Point museum.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Time to learn how to canoe.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
The archery range is always fun.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Even the bouldering wall was popular.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
Time to cool off from the sauna.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
We found friends waiting for us.
Many Point Scout Camp 2007
The headwaters of the Mississippi.

School Night to Join Scouting
September 25, 2007

Cub Pack 68 had a successful meeting this year when nearly a dozen new boys joined Cub Scouting. Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, also paid a visit to the meeting and was able to have fun with the boys. Click HERE to see the pictures of the event.

Memoryville, Minnesota
September 10, 2007

The Boy Scouts of Troop 68 took a field trip to Memoryville which is located about three miles west of Melrose. The Scouts and parents toured the train station, gas service station, salon, shoe shop, a one truck firehouse, and the old one room school house. Each building was a small museum based on the theme of the building. It was quite interesting.

memoryville 01
The railroad depot is the first building you see upon entering Memoryville.
memoryville 02
Inside the depot is a large collection of railroading pictures, equipment, and memoribilia.
memoryville 03
The salon recently had a shoe shop added to the side of it.
The Native American tepee is one of the most recent additions to Memoryville.

Hellermann's Outing
September 21-23, 2007

It was a smaller group that enjoyed our annual weekend trip to Hellermann's land, southwest of Melrose. Everyone had a great time though. This year we planned a more relaxed weekend. We worked on advancement for an hour or so Saturday morning, and then had a huge frisbee golf game in the afternoon. The weather was great.

camping trip 01
Upon arriving Friday night, it was time to set up the campsite.
camping trip 02
Freshly popped popcorn always tastes great when enjoying a campfire.
camping trip 03
Sometimes I think we eat better on a camping trip then we do at home.
camping trip 04
These troop members enjoyed a great week at this year's trip to Hellermann's land.

Fall Overnighter
November 18, 2007

The troop had a second overnighter this year. Once again there were several contests in which the Scouts could participate. The boys completed in playing chess, darts, table tennis, Battleship, and Wii bowling. A game of Risk and the movie UHF rounded out the activity.

Wii bowling
Strike! Well, not this time, but maybe next time.
Chess game
The Scouts take their chess games very seriously.
G5. Bingo! Oh wait, this is Battleship, not bingo.
A game of Risk
Who can resist a game of Lord of the Rings Risk?

Christmas Party
December 8, 2007

The troop's annual Christmas party went over very well. The Boy Scouts watched the movie Pirates of the Carribean 3, ate plenty of pizza and snacks, had a gift exchange, and enjoyed the evening.

Boy Scout Christmas Party
Our assistant scoutmaster opened one of his presents from the Scouts.
Boy Scout Christmas Party
The Boy Scouts played a dice game for the gift exchange.
Boy Scout Christmas Party
You could not be sure what gift you would get until the time ran out.
Boy Scout Christmas Party
These guys take a break to play a game of chess.

December Court of Honor & Troop Auction
December 17, 2007

The troop had a busy night with both the court of honor and the troop action happening the same evening. Several ranks were presented to the Scouts. The guys had a great time bidding on the prizes during the auction. The Dungeon and Dragons books were very popular.
December Court of Honor
The newest Second Class Scout.
December Court of Honor
The troop's newest Star Scout.
December Court of Honor
The troop's newest Life Scout.
December Court of Honor
The Progressive Scout Award winners.

Pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding, Sandy Kleinfehn, and Jeff Duclos.