Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
2006 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumbnailed. Click on them for the big picture.


Laughs For Lunch Show
Camp Stearns Winter Outing
Scouting Displays
Parker Merit Badge Outing
Jacob & Brad's Eagle Court of Honor
Firehall Visit
Camp Watchamagumee
May Court of Honor
El Rancho Outing
Summer Camp
Disaster Drill
September Court Of Honor
Hellermann's Outing Scouting For Food
Historical Society Visits Christmas Party December Court of Honor/Auction


Laughs For Lunch
January 21, 2006

     What is Laughs For Lunch? It is an annual show the Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 perform for the local community. Audience members bring an item of food for the local food shelf as admission to the show. Thus, the Scouts provide the laughs while the audience provides the lunch for the needy.
     This is the tenth show the troop has held. The show is based on songs and skits seen at some of the campfire programs at summer camps and camporees. In addition to well know campfire songs and skits the troop has developed a few original bits that also have become a part of the show. Some of the bits even included audience members who were brought on stage to have a little fun.
     It is amazing that the troop can pull this off when you consider that they only have four practices to get the act together. Troop 68 would like to give a special thanks to those former troop members who came back for one more show this year. (The high school seniors.)

Oh no! The king is hungry and he wants some raisins to eat. Some good tasting raisins.

Our troop newscasters practice their lines for their news break during the show.

Of course, while some of the guys practice their acts, the rest sit in the audience.

During the show, these guys sang about what they would be if they were not Boy Scouts.

The Scouts got the audience to participate during the favorite "John Jacob Jinglehammerschmidt".

We even got the district executive to participate during the "Furniture Store" skit.

Nearly the whole cast was on stage during the "Is It Time Yet" skit.

One of the favorite skits of all the shows has been the "Radio Airwaves" skit.

Most of the cast posed with some of the food collected after the show.

Camp Stearns Winter Outing
February 24-26, 2006

      The troop has been spending a weekend at the North Star  Council's Camp Stearns for a few several years, and the boys have a great time while they are there. There always seems plenty to do. Some of the favorite activities include playing disc golf, broom ball, and sledding down the camp's great sledding hill (which was very bumpy this year).  In the evenings the guys played card games and watched movies. That right, watched movies. We were in a heated building after all.   :-)    If you would like to watch a movie of the Scouts sledding down a pretty bumpy hill click here. (It is an 8.8 MB QT file)

One troop member had trouble getting out of bed Saturday morning so the others thought they would help him.

It might have been a little cold, and the clothing might have been a little bulky, but we had fun playing disc golf.

The broomball field was a short hike from the lodge so we had to bring the gear with us to the playing field.

For many of the Scouts this is the one time during the year when they get the chance to play broomball.

The meal of spaghetti and meat sauce is finished. It is time for the whipped cream "salad" desert.

Seven Scouts participated in this year's trip to Camp Stearns. They had a lot of fun on the camp's sledding hill.

Scouting Displays
March 3-17, 2006

      The troop has four displays set up around town to celebrate Boy Scouting in our community. The displays feature old Scout Handbooks, old Scouting novels, some of the scoutmaster's photo books, and other Scouting memorabilia. Our thanks to the Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union, US Bank, Freeport State Bank, and the City of Melrose for allowing us the space to set up the displays.

Boy Scout Display
Freeport State Bank
Boy Scout Display
Melrose City Hall
Boy Scout Display
Central MN Federal Credit Union
Boy Scout Display
US Bank

Merit Badge Outing at Parker Scout Reservation
March 31 - April 2, 2006

     Several troops attended a merit badge weekend at Parker. Troop 68 had six boys who attended. They earned 22 merit badges while they were there. Some of the merit badges could be totally earned at camp, while others required that the Scouts complete various requirements before attending the outing. There was also some free time during the weekend for the boys to play games and meet Scouts from other troops.

Merit Badge Weekend
The Boy Scouts slept in one of the building at Parker Scout Reservation.
Merit Badge Weekend
One of the merit badges offered was the Computers Merit Badge.
Merit Badge Weekend
Citizenship in the Nation was another of the merit badge choices.
Merit Badge Weekend
A few Scouts from Troop 68 ham it up for the camera during some free time.
Merit Badge Weekend
There was an evening campfire program Saturday night featuring the Scouts from all the troops that were attending the outing.
Merit Badge Weekend
Joe kept everyone well fed during the weekend. The troops ate in the Parker dining hall.

Jacob & Brad's Eagle Court of Honor
May 7, 2006

     Jacob Ellering and Brad Schulzetenberg were presented their Eagle Scout Awards during a double ceremony held at the Melrose City Hall. There was a nice crowd in attendance as each Scout was recognized for his achievement. This was the first time a double ceremony was held for Scouts of Troop 68.  More information about Jacob and Brad can be found at the Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68 Eagle Scout Hall of Fame.

Eagle Court of Honor
Jacob and Brad sat with their parents during the program.
Eagle Court of Honor
Brad was presented his Eagle Scout Award with his parents by his side.
Eagle Court of Honor
Jacob was presented his Eagle Scout Award with his parents by his side.
Eagle Court of Honor
Kathy and Carl presented their son with a special gift during the ceremony.
Eagle Court of Honor
Karen and John presented their son with a special gift during the ceremony.
Eagle Court of Honor
The Eagle Scouts presented their assistant scoutmaster and scoutmaster with a special gift.

Visit To The Local Firehall
May 8, 2006

     The Boy Scout from Melrose Troop 68 visited the Melrose Fire Department during one of their troop meetings. The firemen who gave the tour allowed the Scouts to see the fire fighting equipment, climb into a couple of the trucks, and try some of the special clothing they wear. They also discussed fire safety around the home.

Boy Scouts at Fire Hall
The Boy Scouts received a tour of the equipment used by the fire fighters.
Boy Scouts at Fire Hall
We discovered that the gear worn by the firemen is very reflective to the flash of the camera.
Boy Scouts at Fire Hall
The Boy Scouts discovered that the fire fighting gear worn by the firemen is quite heavy.

Camp Watchamagumee
May 26-28, 2006

     The troop's annual trip to Camp Watchamagumee was a big hit once again. The egg drop competition, tomahawk throwing, blow gun shooting, and water balloon slinging were popular activities. There was also plenty of time to kick back, sit around the campfire, and enjoy being at camp.

Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
The Scouts enjoyed popcorn while sitting around the campfire Friday night.
Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
These Scouts were the team that was the winner of the annual egg drop competition.
Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
This team's egg drop package was one of the messier ones used in the contest.
Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
Grab the water balloon and the sling shot to hit the duck blind on the other side of the pond.
Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
This was the second year Troop 68 held a blow gun dart shooting competition.
Camp Watchamagumee Troop 68
The winner of the tomahawk throwing contest stands next to some of his successful throws.

May Court of Honor
May 29, 2006

     Due to the Scouts attending the merit badge weekend at Parker Scout Camp the boys had earned plenty of merit badges to be awarded at the May court of honor. The ceremony was held at the Melrose City hall.

A Scout Law candle ceremony opened the court of honor.

Our troop chaplain led us in prayer after the opening ceremony.

Several Scouts received merit badges during the award presentation.

Outing at El Rancho
June 23-25, 2006

     When we went to El Rancho campgrounds, which is located south of Avon, we intended to go horseback riding. Unfortunately, an afternoon rain shower canceled the riding opportunities for the afternoon so we were not able to ride. We still had plenty of fun though. And the beach was a great place to spend a little time.

Sitting around the campfire is always good fun.

Especially if there is popcorn and other snacks to eat.

We did some service work for the campground Saturday morning.

It is always great when we sit down for a meal together.

Playing Frisbee at the beach was a fun activity in the afternoon.
What a handsome group. Right? Huh? Yeah, I mean the whole group.

Summer Camp at Many Point Scout Camp
July 16-22, 2006

     Many Point Scout Camp was our home for a week in July. We stayed in the Seton Campsite in the Buckskin Camp. Everyone kept very busy during the week working on merit badges and having fun at activities. For the first time ever we left camp Thursday afternoon and paid a visit to Itasca State Park to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River. The troop also won the medallion hunt held this year. (See a blog entry for more on this and the Crazy Rabbit.)
MPSC Summer Camp picture #1
This year the troop broke tradition and stayed in the Seton campsite located in the middle of Buckskin.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #2
The Buckskin staff did a great job of keeping us entertained during the Sunday night opening campfire.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #3
One of the reasons we stay at Buckskin is to eat in the dining hall and save all that time of cleaning dishes.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #4
The Scoutcraft area is always a popular place to spend some time, especially when waiting for the apple cobbler to bake.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #5
The rifle range is a great place to have some fun and practice your hunting skills.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #6
In was a warm week at summer camp this year. The beach was one of the most popular places to be to keep cool.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #7
Several merit badges were offered at the Handicrafts Lodge, including Basketry and Leatherworking.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #8
The Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 won this week's hunt for the MPSC 60th anniversary medallion search.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #9
We left camp Thursday afternoon and visited the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #10
Summer camp is a perfect place to earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge. And then hope it does not rain.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #11
The climbing tower is always a popular activity for the members of Troop 68.
MPSC Summer Camp picture #12
The Scout were able to hone their skills at the archery range, and also try tomahawk throwing and sling shot shooting.

Disaster Drill
August 5, 2006

    Four members of the troop participated in this year's disaster drill which involved both the Melrose and Sauk Centre fire departments, ambulance crews, and medical staffs. The portrayed emergency was a bus with students that had run off the road and tipped over onto its side. There was also a fuel leak and fire to take into consideration.
Disaster drill picture #1
The four volunteers have received their accident injuries.
Disaster drill picture #2
The bus received a new sunroof when the fire departments arrived.
Disaster drill picture #3
After the drill, the participants received snacks, pop, and pizza for their time.

September Court of Honor
September 25, 2006

    The troops fall Court of Honor was held at the Melrose City Hall meeting rooms. The court of honor was the biggest of the year with the Scouts also receiving their awards earned at summer camp. We also recognized a couple new Scouts and the new Nighthawks Patrol.
Fall Court Of Honor picture #1
Two new members of the troop were recognized during the ceremonies.
Fall Court Of Honor picture #2
One troop member received the Second Class Rank.
Fall Court Of Honor picture #1
Most members of the troop received awards at this fall's court of honor.

Hellermann's Outing
October 6-8, 2006

    The annual trip to Hellermann's land, south of Melrose, was a big hit once again. In addition to the fun of being outdoors with your fellow troop members and friends, we were paid a visit by members of the Melrose Ambulance Corp. They gave us a thorough tour of the ambulance, let a couple of us discover what it is like to be strapped on a stretcher, and then worked with us on completing a few requirements for our ranks.
Hellermann's Outing picture #1
Any great outing has to have great food too, doesn't it? After all, we work up a great appetite.
Hellermann's Outing picture #2
Each of the Scouts had his blood pressure checked by the EMTs.
Hellermann's Outing picture #3
The Scouts learned how to properly load a person onto a stretcher and then load him into the ambulance.
Hellermann's Outing picture #4
The troop poses for a picture before the ambulance crew left the outing.
Hellermann's Outing picture #5
A game of football is always fun on a nice sunny fall day.
Hellermann's Outing picture #6
A Scout is reverent. Here the guys are waiting for worship services to begin.

Scouting For Food
October 7, 2006

    This year we did quite well with the Scouting for Food Drive. We would like the thank the parents for the help driving us around town, and the people of Melrose for being so generous this year in helping to stock the shelves for those in need.
Scouting For Food picture #1
The scouts were driven around town, picked up the food out at homes, and then brought it to the local food shelf.
Scouting For Food picture #2
Some Scouts and parents sorted the food as it was brought to the food shelf.
Scouting For Food picture #3
The food drive involved both the Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop.

Historical Society Visits
December 4 and 17, 2006

    Once again, the Scouts had a great time at the Melrose Area Historical Society during their troop meetings. The MAHS is located right next to the school were we conduct our meeting. During our first meeting we were given a tour of the facility. During our second meeting we broke up into teams and were on a scavenger-like hunt trying to find answers to the quiz provided by the museum's caretakers.
MAHS Visit picture #1
One of the caretakers of the museum took the Scouts on a tour during their first visit.
MAHS Visit picture #2
The Scouts discovered a section of the museum showcased local Scouting history.
MAHS Visit picture #3
During the second visit the Scouts competed in a scavenger hunt of information.

Christmas Party
December 9, 2006

    The annual troop Christmas party was fun. We began by watching the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". Then we had a gift exchange involving rolling dice, ate our fill of pizza and snacks, and played ping pong, darts, and others games.
Scout Christmas Party picture #1
A gift exchange was held during the troop's Christmas Party. Everyone participated.
Scout Christmas Party picture #2
Scouts rolled dice during the gift exchange. If they rolled doubles they got to "exchange" the gift with someone else.
Scout Christmas Party picture #3
The senior patrol leader and his assistant handed out gifts to each member of the troop.

December Court of Honor / Troop Auction
December 18, 2006

    The last court of honor of the year was followed by the annual Troop Auction, during which we bid an prizes using the Troop Bucks earned during the year for attending outings and earning advancement. We also saw a video slideshow featuring pictures of the troop during 2006. This slideshow can be seen at
Court of Honor picture #1
The prize for best popcorn salesman was presented during the court of honor.
Court of Honor picture #2
The Wussy Wolves Patrol won the Progressive Patrol Award for the quarter.
Court of Honor picture #3
A special presentation was made to recognize the people who have chaired the breakfast fundraisers for several years.

Pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding.  He retains all rights and ownership of these pictures.