Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
2004 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumb nailed. Click on them for the big picture.


Laughs For Lunch Show
Snow Tubing at Eagle Mountain
Camp Stearns Winter Outing
Brad S.'s Eagle Project
Scout Anniversary Week
March Court of Honor
Spring Breakfast Fundraiser
Ripley Rendezvous
Camp Watchamagumee
Softball Game
Philmont Scout Ranch
Summer Camp
Fall Camporee
September Court Of Honor Community History
L.P.M.R. Christmas Trees
Christmas Party

Laughs For Lunch
January 24, 2004

     What is Laughs For Lunch? It is an annual show the Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 perform for the community that supports them throughout the year. Audience members bring an item of food for the local food shelf as admission to the show. Thus, the Scouts provide the laughs while the audience provides the lunch for the needy.
     This is the seventh show the troop has held. The show is based on songs and skits seen at some of the campfire programs at summer camps and camporees. In addition to well know campfire songs and skits the troop has developed a few original bits that also have become a part of the show. Some of the bits even included audience members who were brought on stage to have a little fun.

A lone Scout gets beat up in the Motorcycle Gang Skit.

"What kind of lumber would you like?" is asked during the Hardware Store skit.

The Firing Squad gets distracted and lets another criminal get away.

There is a lot of confusion on the submarine during this well liked skit.

Is it time yet? No, not yet.  A long skit, for a silly punch line.

The Movie Skit is one of the troop's all time favorites to perform.

Even the audience got to participate in several of the skits.

Several people contemplate jumping off a cliff during this skit.

The nearly two hour long show ended the the troop singing Scout Vespers.

Snow Tubing at Eagle Mountain
January 31, 2004

     Winter in Minnesota can be fun in many different ways. One of the ways is to grab an inner tube, climb the nearest hill, jump on it, and race it to the bottom. Of course, this being Minnesota, there are places that provide the tubes and the hills to enjoy. Eagle Mountain, in central Minnesota, is one of these places. Several Scouts from Troop 68 spent an enjoyable day playing on the hillside with the wind cooling their faces as the sped down the hillside.

Six troop members partook in the fun the day had to offer.

It was a bit cool outside, so the Scouts dressed quite warmly.

Not ever tube came down the hill with its rider still sitting in it.

Scout Anniversary Week
February 8-14, 2004

     The troop would like to thank the Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union, US Bank, and the city of Melrose for allowing the troop to set up displays for two weeks. It is a great way to get Boy Scouting a little public recognition in the community and show folks what the troop has been doing.

Winter Outing at Camp Stearns
February 22-24, 2004

     It seems to have become a tradition that the Scouts of Troop 68 spend a winter weekend at Camp Stearns near Fairhaven, Minnesota. The camp is owned by the Viking council and boasts of many things to do during the winter season. This year, the troop had a lot of fun playing broomball, sledding down the sledding hill in under the evening lights, and building a snow shelter.

The troop stayed in this building which was heated by a wood burning stove.

Some of the Scouts spend some time Saturday morning working on advancement requirements.

Scrabble and other board games were played during slow times of the weekend.

A couple of the guys worked hard building a snow dome during Saturday morning and afternoon.

After the snow dome sat for half the day, the Scouts began to dig it out to use as a shelter.

The dome was meant to house two Scouts, but they soon discovered that three could stay in it.

After an hour long broomball game, everyone was exhausted and ready to rest.

The Camp Stearns sledding hill was great fun, especially if you hit the jump.

Of course, sometimes you got a little more air then you really wanted when you hit the jump.

Brad S.'s Eagle Project
January 31, 2004

     Brad S. 's Eagle project was collecting school supplies and teacher aide items to sent to Bosnia schools. Brad corresponded with a former troop member, who happened to be stationed in Bosnia, to arrange to get the supplies where they would be needed. It was great to see current members of the troop working with former troop members and the Minnesota National Guard to help needy kids from other parts of the world.

Brad received a lot of donations for the school children of Bosnia. These two table were just a portion of the supplies sent overseas.

All the supplies had to be boxed and packed very carefully. After all, they were going to be shipped to the other side of the world.

Brad had a nice turnout for help on the day everything was packaged. The crew worked hard, yet they also had fun.

March Court of Honor
March 29, 2004

     The first court of honor of the year was held at the Melrose City Hall meeting rooms. In addition to the troop members and their families, the Webelos of Pack 68 were also in attendance. The council sent a couple representatives for the annual FOS campaign. Two Scouts did a good performance of the "I Want To Marry the Princess" skit for the entertainment.

Several Scouts helped out with the FOS campaign during the meeting.

Three Scouts received the Climbing Merit badge.

Two Scouts received two merit badges each.

These two guys did a good job of performing for our entertainment.

This Scout received his Life Rank and the troop's Progressive Scout Award.

The Wolves Patrol won the troop's Progressive Patrol Award for this quarter.

Spring Breakfast Fundraiser
April 4, 2004

     The troop did very well during the first fundraiser for the year. All the troop members were showed up to work, along with their parents. Even the Webelos of Pack 68 helped out. We served nearly 400 people that morning.

The Scouts take a break during a slow time during the breakfast.

Parents worked in the kitchen while scouts cleaned tables and washed dishes.

It seems the dads (and moms) always enjoy making the pancakes and visiting with folks.

Ripley Rendezvous
April 23-25

     Five members of Pack and Troop 68 participated in this year's Central Minnesota Council's Ripley Rendezvous which was held at Camp Ripley in central Minnesota. Nearly 800 Scouts and leaders participated. Separate programs were held for the younger Scouts, the experienced Scouts, and the older Scouts. A great show was held on Saturday night which featured a magician and a special pie in the face fundraiser for next year's National Jamboree.
     The five Scouts from Troop 68 formed the Cwazy Rabbit Patrol for the 18 stations during the day on Saturday. They, and their scoutmaster, were quite surprised when they took first place in the Scenic District for high total score. They were surprised once more when it was announced that they also won second place overall of all the patrols. Great going Bunnies!

The newest troop members crossed over from Webelos and met Akela.

Log cutting was one of the many events during the day.

Troop 68's Cwazy Rabbit Patrol's yell was enjoyed by all the staff members.

Shoot the water balloon and see if you can hit the target way down there!

One station had the Scouts practicing their various first aid carries.

Another station tested the Scouts on their basic first aid knowledge and skills.

Many Scouts found that it is quite challenging to walk on stilts.

Another popular station was the one were the Scouts made their own piece of rope.

The Cwazy Rabbit Patrol posed with the council executive as they receive their ribbons.

Camp Watchamagumee
May 21-23, 2004

     This seems to be the troop's favorite weekend outing. For nearly 20 years we have camped on some private land north of Melrose. The owners have allowed the troop to create campsites, a scoutcraft area, and a campfire ring with plenty of seating available. Each year the Scouts make more improvements and keep the camp in great camping condition.
     This year, in addition to the usual activities like Capture the Flag and the Egg Drop Competition, a county sheriff paid the camp a visit with one of the county's drug sniffing dogs. The Scouts learned quite a bit from the sheriff and had a good time petting the dog. It was a good outing for the older Scouts and six new boys who joined the troop.

Officer Okenstrom brought his drug sniffing canine to the campsite.

The officer and dog put on a demonstration about how the dog finds the drugs.

The officer also showed the Scouts what various drugs look like.

The Hawk Patrol carries a new "King Chair" to their patrol camp site.

The troop paired up for the egg drop competition. This was the first round.

This team checks their "package" to see if their egg has survived the drop.

A Scout is reverent. A service was conducted Saturday night.

The troop gathered for an evening campfire program at the council ring.

All three patrols and the troop leadership did a great job of putting on a campfire program.

Softball Game
June 21, 2004

     The troop has held an annual softball game for quite a few years. The game has the parents take on the Scouts for an evening of fun. Once in a while, some former troop members will even show up to play with us. After the game, we have cookies and fruit drinks.   By the way, the parents won this year.

Come on batter, batter! We need a hit!

The Scouts team.

The parent/adult team.

Philmont Scout Ranch
July 10-26, 2004

     This is the seventh time Scouts from Troop 68 have participated in a trek at Philmont. Six of these times was a troop function. This year the troop sent six Boy Scouts and three adults to the Ranch. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication from the council, our troop members were split up into the two council crews.  We were not happy with being split up but we made the best of it and had a great time.
     These photos represent a sampling of the photos taken at Philmont. Check out the High Adventure page to see nearly 100 photos from the trip.

On the way to Philmont, the crews stopped at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Another stop on the way was the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

The cantina at Ponil was the only chance the two crews would meet in the back country of Philmont.

Summer Camp
August 1-7, 2004

     Due to many of the troop members going to Philmont Scout Ranch in July, we had a small group go to summer camp at Many Point Scout Camp this year. The guys who went to camp though had a great time and came back with several merit badges. Good job!

Only four Scouts from Troop 68 went to summer camp this year.

The group posed for a picture before going to the top of the lookout tower.

As they climbed the stairs to the lookout tower the boys were probably wondering what the view would be like.

Fall Camporee
September 24-26, 2004

     Only two members of our troop decided to attend this year's  Fall Camporee which was held at Parker Scout Reservation. The two Scouts who did attend had a great time though. They joined the Scouts from Avon for the daily activities and camped next to Sauk Centre's troop. Not only did our guys have a great time, but they also got to meet the guys from neighboring towns.

The first station the group went to was one the involved climbing a tree.

Of course, starting fires was one of the events during the competition.

The Avon Scouts and Melrose Scouts combined to form a patrol during the day's events.

The guys from Melrose had a lot of fun at the wall climbing area.

The rifle range was one of the popular areas that was visited by many of the campers.

The guys get to relax a moment back at their camp after the activities ended for the day.

September Court Of Honor
September 27, 2004

     The court of honor was held at the Melrose City Hall meeting rooms. In addition to presenting merit badges earned at summer camp, the troop help a trivia contest in which parents competed against Scouts in several areas of Scout Knowledge. Everyone had a great time.

Two members of the Wolves Patrol received awards during the September Court of Honor.

Two members of the Invaders Patrol received merit badges earned at summer camp.

Two older members of the troop also received merit badges during the ceremony.

It was the Scouts vs the parents during the trivia game held during the court of honor.

Two members of the Wolves Patrol hosted the trivia game which everyone enjoyed.

Three members of the Invaders Patrol received their Tenderfoot Rank as their proud parents stood by them.

Community History
November Troop Meetings

     During their monthly meetings in November, the Scouts visited the Melrose Area Historical Society. During the first two meetings they were given tours of the museum by the Paske's. Toward the end of the second meeting, and during most of the third, the Scouts were given a quiz and let loose in the museum to see who could find the most correct answers. It was a great learning experience and also a lot of fun learning about the history of our town and neighboring area.

There is a lot to view of our area's history at the Melrose Area Historical Museum.

Roger gave a brief explanation of a piece of military history that was on display.

One room in the museum was set up as a home's living room and showcased housewares.

Roger told the Scouts about Charles Lindbergh's fly over of Melrose after his historic plane flight.

In the "chapel" of the museum, the Scouts learned about over 100 years of the local churches.

There was even a small display of Scouting memorabilia from over 30 years of Scouting in Melrose.

November 20, 2004

     This event has become a tradition of the troop. The LPMR (laser tag, pizza, movie, and rollerskating outing) was one of the most anticipated outings of the fall. We rollerskated and played laser tag at the Skatin' Place in St. Cloud, then went to Godfather's Pizza, and ended the outing with seeing "National Treasure" in the movie theater.

Hey! Look at me! I can skate with out using my hands!

Even some trick skating was attempted during the activity.

They group is now ready to begin playing a few games of laser tag.

Christmas Trees
November 20, 2004

     The troop has sold Christmas trees as a fundraiser for several years. It is an easy fundraiser and one in which we do not have to go door to door. The most work is involved with setting up the stand the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We would like to thank Ernie's Family Foods for allowing us to set up our stand in their parking lot.

The stand is ready. All we need are some trees to display in it.

The Scouts placed the trees in the stand and marked each with a price tag.

The trees shipping strings were cut so the trees could be seen in all their glory.

Christmas Party
December 11, 2004

     The troop's Christmas Party has been an annual event almost since the troop was formed back in 1979. This years party was held at the Melrose City Hall meeting rooms. The Scouts played games, watch a couple of movies, ate lots of snacks and pizza, and held a gift exchange.

There was plenty of pizza and snacks for everyone to much on during the party.

The gift exchange was held using two dice. First of all, all the presents were put in the center...

...then gifts were chosen as each person rolled doubles with the dice as they were passed around the circle...

...finally a ten minute time limit was watched as we continued rolling dice and exchanging gifts as doubles were rolled.

Most of the troop attended the party and posed for the last group picture of 2004.

A couple of the guys were thinking hard as they played a chess game won during the gift exchange.

Pictures used on this page were provided by Steve Borgerding and Eymard Orth.