Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
2002 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumb nailed. Click on them for the big picture.


 Laughs For Lunch
 Wall Climbing
 Ripley Rendezvous
 Nick's Eagle Project
 Todd's Eagle Court Of Honor
 Camp Watchamagumee
 Softball Game
 BWCA trip
Fall Court of Honor
Camp at Hellermann's
Powder Ridge Ski Day
Christmas Party

Laughs For Lunch Show
January 26, 2002

     The troop's Laughs For Lunch Show drew it's biggest crowd in its sixth year this year. Over one hundred people attended and brought food for the local food shelf. Some people came from as far as Princeton and Minneapolis to see the show. The troop provided plenty of laughs as the night went on. The program included plenty of new songs and skits along with some of the old favorites.


Wall Climbing at St. John's University
May 11, 2002

     Seven troop members had a great time practicing their rock climbing skills at St. John's University.
     The college has a great facility to hone one's climbing skills. Their were eight climbs to try, including one that went across the ceiling. The staff told us that they change the climbs every six weeks to keep up the variety. Unfortunately, we had to leave before we were able to try them all. We had worked up an appetite and went to the cafeteria for supper.

A very distinguished crew prepares to climb the walls.

The Scouts look over the walls and wonder how to make the climbs.

The climbs varied in difficulty. We started easy and then tackled the tough ones.

Ripley Rendezvous
April 26-28, 2002

     Nine Members of Troop 68, along with three adult leaders, attended this year's Ripley Rendezvous at Camp Ripley National Guard Base in central Minnesota. They were part of over 1000 Scouts and leaders who participated in the council's annual event.
     The Scouts had a great time during the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate by providing much sunshine. It was cold and raining for most of Saturday. We even saw a few snowflakes. The Scouts kept up their spirits though. The Saturday night show was very entertaining. A juggling/comedy team kept everyone giggling during their performance.
     The Scouts are waiting for next year's Rendezvous. It will be state-wide with nearly 10,000 Scouts in attendance.

Twelve members of Troop 68 attended this year's Rendezvous.

A chess game occupied a couple Scouts between the action.

Scouts had the chance to see what it is like sitting behind the wheel of a patrol car.

Teamwork was the name of the game during several of the stations.

It was a little tricky getting everyone through the spider web.

Service to others... we had the chance at Saturday night's supper.

Nick's Eagle Project
May 4 & 11, 2002

     Another member of Troop 68 is one step closer to completing his Eagle Rank.  Nick's project was a clothing drive to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation.  On May 4 his group of volunteers delivered information and plastic bags to every house in the community.  On May 11 another group of volunteers assisted in driving around town collecting the clothes that people left on the curb or front entry.
     The project was more successful then any of us had dared to hope. Over half of a semi truck was filled. The drive raised over $1200.00 to help the Epilepsy Foundation.

The first of many loads arrive to begin filling up the semi truck.

Toward the end of the project we were all amazed at how much was collected.

This is the crew that helped during part two of the project - the collection.

Todd Jepperson's Eagle Court Of Honor
May 11, 2002

     Todd is the ninth member of Troop 68 to receive the rank of Eagle Scout since the troop began in 1979. His Eagle Court of Honor was held at the St. Rosa Park Shelter and was filled to capacity.
     Congratulations Todd!  Keep up the good work.
     (For more pictures of Todd, check out the Troop 68 Eagle Hall of Fame.

Todd recites the Scout Oath along with other Eagle Scouts during the ceremony.

Todd's mother, Mary, presents him with the Eagle badge as his father, Craig, watches.

Todd's parents presented him with a shadow box featuring memorabilia from his Scouting years.

Toward the end of the ceremony, Todd gave a small speech and thanked everyone for attending.

Todd posed with Brent, Jacob, and Andy, members of his class in high school and also members of his patrol.

The proud parents pose for a picture next to their Eagle Scout son, Todd Jepperson.

Camp Watchamagumee
May 17-18, 2002

     One of the favorite places for our troop to camp is Camp Watchamagumee, which is actually some private land about ten miles north of Melrose. The owners of the 40 acres have allowed us to build our own campsites and develop a small portion of the land for our needs. Thirteen members of the troop attended this year's outing, along with two former members of the troop who joined us as adult leaders.

Nature has made one campsite unusable until we clean out the trees that have fallen down. The tree fell in the cooking/dining area of the site.

These two guys are preparing their egg for the Egg Drop competition. Packaging has to be from materials found in nature.

Seven teams competed in the Egg Drop Competition. The winners where the team no one thought would make it through the second round.

Hey guys, what's for supper? Or is this breakfast?

The Hawk Patrol gathered in their newly improved campsite.

The Wolf Patrol had a great time at the outing.

Softball Game
June 17, 2002

Once again the Scouts took on the parents and adult leaders in a game of softball. This yea, the winners were the adults. Although we keep score the main reason we play is to have some family fun with a little compitition involved. After the game was over, we had some refreshments.

Ten Scouts attended the game and gave the adults a good run for the money.

The adults had to work hard to come up with a win.

BWCA Canoe Trip
August 10-16, 2002

Ten members of Troop 68 went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a week-long canoe trip this month.
A review of this trip, along with pictures can be found on the high adventure page.

Fall Court Of Honor
Sept. 30, 2002

Several members of the troop received awards at this court of honor. We also recognized a few boys who planned to join the troop.

Nick was recognized for earning the rank of Eagle Scout, the troop's eleventh!

Only three of these boys would join the troop the following week. The new Cobra patrol.

One Scout received the rank of first class during the Court of Honor.

Camp At Hellermann's
October 25-28, 2002

The camping trip at Hellermann's land, south of Melrose, has become a tradition with the troop. Saturday morning we do skill training sessions and in the afternoon we play games and have fun. This year the Webelos came out for a visit so the Boy Scouts showed them a few of the things they have learned and played a couple games of capture the flag with them.

The senior patrol leader taught one session Saturday morning around the campfire.

The troop's scoutmaster reviewed a few first aid skills with members of the Hawk Patrol.

It was quite chilly the whole weekend so the main campfire ring had a fire burning all the time.

Members of the Wolves Patrol ate pretty well when meal time came around.

The Webelos Scouts learned a few tips on ax and saw safety when they came out for a visit.

Fourteen members of the troop and three adult leaders attended the outing.

Powder Ridge Ski Day
December 7, 2002

There was not any snow in the area but the ski resort had made plenty of it so the Scouts had a great time skiing and snowboarding at Powder Ridge Ski Resort this year. The weather was perfect - mid twenties for a temperature and just a slight breeze. The sun was shining all day.

Ryan takes to the air as he leaves the jump. He landed successfully.

Mike tries out his snowboarding skills as he leaves the end of the box.

Alex tries to do a skateboarding stunt by riding the edge of the box.

Skiing works up a hefty appetite. Good thing the lodge has plenty of pizza and pop.

The Cobra Patrol pauses for a group picture before taking to the slopes.

Eight members of Troop 68 participated in this year's Scout Ski Day.

Christmas Party
December 7, 2002

The annual Troop 68 Christmas party is a tradition spanning 20 years. We watch a couple videos, play some games, eat lots of food, and have a gift exchange.

The troop's committee chairman read a Philmont Christmas story between movies.

The gift exchange is one of the highlights of the party. You need to roll those dice well.

Members of the Hawk Patrol chat and eat between activities. There was plenty of food for everyone.

Special thanks to Kathy Schulzetenberg and Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures used on this page.