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Welcome to the troop 68's
2000 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumb nailed. Click on them for the big picture.


You are the  person to view this page since May 14, 2000.


Thirteen members of Troop 68 headed for the hills of Powder Ridge near Kimball to take in a day of downhill skiing and snow boarding. Luckily, they did it when they did. The following weekend there was not much snow on the slopes due to an unusually warm February which ended up being the sixth warmest on record. As it was this weekend, the temps were in the thirties by the afternoon.

A couple of the guys take a break to warm up a bit and catch a bite to eat.

Who gets the extra piece of pizza? A cut of the deck will decide .

The 2000 Troop 68 official skiing and snow boarding team.

MARCH 24-26

Seven troop members went to Camp Stearns to have a little fun and learn a few things. Learning included a bit of knot tying and orienteering skills. Fun included playing games, the camp's obstacle course, frisbee golf course, capture the flag, and sitting around the campfire. 

During the evening free time a few of the Hawks played cards for snacks.

This handsome group includes 6 Hawks, 1 Cougar, and 2 Jedi's.

Saturday morning was time to brush up on our skills, including knot tying.


Troop 68 holds elections for officers every six months; once in March and then in September. We attempt to hold an in-troop training course for each new group of leaders. We discuss the office duties and what makes for being a good leader. Five Scouts and three adult leaders took part in this spring's course. They posed for a picture outside of the Melrose City Office building.

APRIL 28-30

The Central Minnesota Council and Camp Ripley once again worked together to host almost one thousand Boy Scouts and their leaders during this year's rendezvous. Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68 had ?? Scouts and four adult leaders in attendance.

Scouts discovered that playing soccer when you are blindfolded is quite challenging.

They also found out how tough it can be to walk on stilts, especially if you have not ever tried it.

The crew from Melrose Troop 68 who attended this year's rendezvous were a fine looking group.


Safety is a high priority on any Scouting event. However, sometimes accidents happen so quickly that you have no control over what is happening. Within seconds lives could be changed.

Several members of Troop 68 discovered what it was like to be in a car accident on the way to Camp Ripley. The car they were riding in was hit by a pick-up from behind. Amazingly, there were no serious injuries, only bumps and bruises, which is truly miraculous when you see the pictures of the car. It was as if some giant hand was guiding the car through the intersection to avoid hitting signs, telephone poles, and approaches. 
The Lord was truly watching over Boy Scout Troop 68 that evening.

Keep in mind as you view these pictures that the truck has been pulled open so gear could be removed. The back end of the car was so crushed that a briefcase could not be pulled out of the trunk. (The briefcase held the paperwork for the rendezvous.)

MAY 26-29

The troop held it's third Watchamagumee Mega-Weekend this year. A full schedule of activities were planned, but due to rainy weather most of the day Saturday things did not go according to plan. However, fun was to be had, and a few things were learned.

Work continued on the signal that was started last year. This year, a floor and railing were added.
Older Scouts taught newer troop members about fire, ax, and saw safety during several demonstrations.
Capture the flag is a favorite game among troop members. Here, the guys are getting ready to play another game.

APRIL 14, 2000

The Central Minnesota Council awarded quite a few Silver Beaver Awards at this year's banquet. Scoutmaster Borgerding, of Melrose Troop 68, was one of the recipients of this, the highest award that a council may bestow upon an adult Scouter.

Mr. Larson, this year's presenter, introduces Borgerding and his friend Cousineau, during the ceremony.
Cousineau presented the Silver Beaver Award to Borgerding during the ceremony.
Borgerding was just one of several Silver Beaver Award recipients during the 2000 recognition dinner.

JULY 23-29

Many Point Scout Scout was once again the play to be for this year's summer camp. Twenty two members of Troop 68 attended this grand activity. In addition to the usual rifle shooting, swimming, sailing, and nature lore the Scouts also tried tomahawk throwing, slingshots, the Huck Finn Raft, Ironman competition, and mile swim. As their Super Troop project, the troop built the campfire for the Friday night closing campfire, and performed their camp song "MPSC" to the camp's enjoyment.

DELTA is always a popular activity. However, some of the Scouts added a twist to this "Turtles" game by carrying some of the smaller Scouts.

Of course, merit badges has always been an important part of summer camp. Here, several Scouts work on the Indian Lore Badge.

Every troop takes its turn at flag raising/lowering at the dining hall. Troop 68 was no exception as the raised the colors one morning.

The climbing tower is always one of the more interesting places to hang out.

The new "bouldering wall" presented its own challenges to climbers.

Five troop members participated in the camp's Iranian competition.

Hey dude! Even an assistant scoutmaster looks cool when he wears the proper shades.

A scoutmaster can be inventive when it comes to getting away from the skeeters.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2000

One of the perks of being a Boy Scout is to help with community service projects. The members of Troop 68 are involved with several projects during the year, including cleaning the ditches of a three mile stretch of road that leaves the south side of Melrose. Of course, the real fun came after the project when the crew gathered downtown for pizza and cola.

Thirteen Scouts helped with this fall's road clean up. (One came along after this picture was taken.)

It may have three miles of road (six miles of cleaning) but it did not take the guys very long.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2000

All right, all right! So the Twins did not have a very good record for the year. So they lost this, the last home game of the season. The main reason for going to the game is to have fun with your friends, and that is just what we did. Add Mountain Dew soda and lots of sugar/candy into the picture and your have the makings of a grand old time.

Here the group poses in front of a few of the plagues that line the MetroDome hallways.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2000

The troop's fall Court of Honor is always the largest of the year. This time the Scouts earned a total of 66 merits badges, five ranks, and several special awards. And, of course, cookies and fruit drinks were enjoyed by everyone.

Four troop members entertained the troop by performing a short skit involving a box with a wet corner.

Four Scouts earned the BSA Mile Swim award during their stay at summer camp this year.

This is just part of the group that earned a total of 66 merit badges during the summer.
pictures are by Kathy S. (thanks)

The Hazardous Hawk Patrol was surprised to learn that they had earned the Progressive Patrol Award.

Two Tenderfoot Ranks, a First Class Rank, and two Star Ranks were presented during the fall Court of Honor.

OCTOBER 20-22, 2000

It has almost become a tradition to spend the final weekend of the year at Hellermann's land, south of Melrose. We usually have a great time here. This year we informally had the theme of Knights Of Old while at camp. We worked on some basic Scout skills, worked on advancement, took a three mile hike, played Capture the Flag, and had a very unique campfire program.

The Scouts spent a little time in the morning to learn what would be needed for later in the day.

Learning to use the compass was one of the activities we did during the afternoon.

Nine members of the troop participated in the final camping trip of the year.

NOVEMBER 17, 2000

Two dedicated adult leaders of Troop 68 were honored at this year's District Award Dinner.
Denise Kociemba received the district's Outstanding Scouter of the Year Award. This award is presented to an adult who is active in Scouting and has performed his or her role in an outstanding manner. Denise has been active with the troop on the committee for nearly seven years, and has spend four of them as chairperson,
in addition to numerous other positions within the troop program. 
Eymard Orth was presented with the district's highest award, the District award of Merit. This award recognizes dedication and service of an outstanding nature on the district level. The nominee also must have contributed service to youth outside of Scouting. Eymard has been an assistant scoutmaster of Troop 68 for over 13 years.

NOVEMBER 11, 2000

Sixteen troop members participated in a trip to the Minnesota Science Museum and Minneapolis Planetarium. Four adult leaders and parents joined them.
It was the first time for many of the Scouts as they arrived at the planetarium. The staff member did an excellent job of narrating the show and keeping everyone's attention.
The new Science Museum was a lot of fun. There were many new displays in addition to the older ones for which the museum has become well know. A special bonus was the display of the replica of the T-Rex Sue, on loan from Chicago.

We had quite a few members attend this trip. Oh course, they went to the museum to gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the world around us.

This was one big T-Rex. Sue was quite impressive. Even though this was a replica of the real Sue in Chicago, you really could not tell. It was an awesome site.

A couple of the scouts and one of the assistant scoutmasters is seen here as they participated in one of the demonstrations held during the day.

DECEMBER 18, 2001

This Court of Honor signals the end of the year for the troop, and it is the last time a Scout may be recognized for the year's achievements. Three Tenderfoot Ranks and three Second Class ranks where awarded in addition to several merit badges. Of course, once the court of honor was finished the troop held its annual Troop Auction during which the Scouts would bid on various prizes which the Troop Bucks (play money) they had earned during the year.

The whole troop participated in the opening ceremony.

Three Scouts were presented with the rank of Tenderfoot Scout.

The Wise Wolf Patrol won the Progressive Patrol Award.

The "I Want To Marry The Princess" skit was performed for entermainmet.

Following the court of honor we held our annual troop auction for prizes.

The Scout used "troop bucks" they had earned during the year to bid on the prizes.

For a complete listing of who earned what during the year 200 check out the year's advancement page, or click here to go there.

We would like to thank Steve Borgerding and Kathy Schulzetenberg
for many of the pictures used in this year's highlights page.

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