Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Hudson Bay Bread Recipe

The Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 really enjoyed this bread that was part of our menu when we went through Charles Sommers Canoe Base. Here is the recipe as given to us by the staff.

1.5 lbs  Margarine or Butter
4 cups      Sugar
2/3 cups   Karo Syrup
2/3 cups   Honey
2 tsp.         Maple Flavoring

Cream together the above ingredients.
Add while mixing:

1.5 cups  Ground Nuts
19 cups   Quick Cooking Oatmeal

Spread in a large sheet pan, 18 inches by 26 inches. Press it down in the pan.
Bake at 325 degrees in a convention oven for 15 to 18 minutes.
As soon as the bread has been taken from the oven use a spatula to press it down.
This presses the bread together to keep it from crumbing.
Cut it while still warm.

For home size preparation, cut this recipe at least in half.
A conventional oven will require a longer baking time.