Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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 Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68
Eagle Scout Hall Of Fame

    The Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable by a Boy Scout in America. The road which leads toward this rank is long and hard. There may be road blocks and obstacles that try to halt the completion of the rank. Time may run short. But the those who possess strong will and desire will complete the journey and prove they are worthy of the Eagle Rank.  Melrose Troop 68 has several Scouts who have earned this distinction. This page is dedicated to one of them, his accomplishments, and to all Eagle Scouts from across the country.

Eagle Scout Mike Schwieters

     Mike Schwieters began Scouting in September, 2000, when he joined Troop 68 in Melrose, Minnesota. He stayed active in Scouting until his eighteenth birthday on August 11, 2007. Mike was a member of the Wise Wolves (later changed to Wussy Wolves) Patrol during his years as a Boy Scout in the troop. He has served as patrol leader, senior patrol leader, and several other troop offices. Mike attended many troop activities, with some of his favorites including the Watchamagumee weekends and the trip to Duluth.
     Mike earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2007. He has earned 21 merit badges. He is the troop's seventeenth Eagle Scout. His Eagle project was to clean a several miles stretch of the Sauk River which runs through Melrose. Several canoes were filled with trash and junk during the project.
     Mike graduated from Melrose High School in 2007. In addition to Scouting, Mike loved to spend time on the golf course and spent his summers working at the local course. He will attend college at St. John's.

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Mike Schwieters
Mike enjoyed attending troop activities.
Mike Schwieters
The trip to Duluth, Minnesota, was one of Mike's favorite activities.
Mike Schwieters
Mike participated in the Ironman while attending Many Point Scout Camp.
Mike Schwieters
On one outing Mike and the guys found a goose that was shoot down by some nearby hunters.
Mike Schwieters
Mike and Nathan performed the Marry The Princess skit during a court of honor.
Mike Schwieters
Chris and Mike pose with they package for the annual egg drop competition.
Mike Schwieters
It looks like it might be a hard landing as Mike sleds over this small pile of snow.
Mike Schwieters
Oh well, someone has to do the dished during the troop's breakfast fundraisers.
Mike Schwieters
Mike was very good at tomahawk throwing. And blow gun shooting. And the water balloon sling shot.
Mike Schwieters
Mike almost lost the chess game, but it ended in a stalemate and had to be played again.
Mike Schwieters
Josh, Mike, Chris, and Sergio posed for this picture one evening after playing a game.
Mike Schwieters
Mike, with his parents Karla and Mark, after the Eagle board of review.

Watch the video of Mike Schwieters' Life shown at his Eagle Ceremony.
Click HERE.

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Photos provided by Steve Borgerding.