Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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 Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68
Eagle Scout Hall Of Fame
    The Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable by a Boy Scout in America. The road which leads toward this rank is long and hard. There may be road blocks and obstacles that try to halt the completion of the rank. Time may run short. But the those who possess strong will and desire will complete the journey and prove they are worthy of the Eagle Rank. 

    Melrose Troop 68 has several Scouts who have earned this distinction. This page is dedicated to one of them, their accomplishments, and to all Eagle Scouts from across the country. 

Eagle Scout Michael Linnemann

    Mike Linnemann ends his days as a Boy Scout in July, 2003. Mike began his Scouting days as a Cub Scout of Pack 68 in Melrose, Minnesota. When he was in the fifth grade, in 199?, he graduated from Webelos into Boy Scout Troop 68, along with twelve of his friends. It was the largest Webelos group ever to graduate into Troop 68 up to that time. 
    Mike was a member of the Cougar Patrol for most of his years as a Boy Scout. He has served as Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader, and other troop offices in addition to serving as the Troop Scribe for 2001 National Jamboree Troop 1417. 
    He earned the rank of Eagle Scout in June of 2002. He has earned 23 merit badges. He is the troop's tenth Eagle Scout. 
    Mike was a brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow and earned his religious award. 
    Mr. Linnemann will graduate from high school in 2004. In addition to Scouting, he has been active in high school football, basketball, track, and is an active member of the student council at Melrose High School. 

Mike started his Scouting years early as a Cub Scout of Melrose Pack 68.

Being a Scout offered Mike many opportunities, including a visit to the Minnesota House chambers.

Mike was elected by the troop to become a member of the Order of the Arrow in ???.

Mike attended Philmont Scout Ranch and was the troop scribe of 2001 National Jamboree Troop 1417. Here, Mike relaxes during a training weekend for the jamboree.
Mike's mother presented the Eagle award as his father looked on proudly during the Eagle Court of Honor.
Eagle Scout Mike Linnemann
Mike earned the rank of Eagle Scout in June, 2002.

Special Feature!
Watch the opening video to Mike Linnemann's Eagle Court of Honor which follows Mike through his Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting years.

Watch Video.

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