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Welcome to the World of Tenne

History of Tenne
The Countries
The People

     Tenne is the name of the world which the Scouts of Troop 68 have adventured within. The world was created by Steve Borgerding in 1980. Unlike many worlds created by dungeon masters who play the game, the world of Tenne is a difficult world in which to gain levels. In fact, no player has yet to reach the tenth level of any type of character, even though a player has used that character for more then ten years.

     The world of Tenne is based on the information found in the Advanced Dungeon and Dragon Books (first editions). The second and third edition books have little bearing on this world. The game is kept simple, but yet involves many challenges for the players to solve and overcome. One way the game is kept simple is by allowing only four classes of adventurers - the fighter, magic user, cleric, and the occastional thief. Sub classes, such as paladins, monks, and assassins, are not allowed as player characters. 

     Characters within the playing world are usually required to be chaotic good. Neutral characters have been allowed to be created only a couple of times since the world began. Players have not been allowed to create evil characters. If you are a player of D&D you may feel that this is unfair to the players. Borgerding does not agree with you, and in fact has twenty years of playing time to back his theories.

    In the world of Tenne players combat the evil of the world, hoping to find treasure and gain levels in the process. It is a world in which not only the character grows in knowledge and wisdom, but so may the player. Great games and quests of the past have included topics dealing with racism, slavery, and abuse. Players learn to develop teamwork, or suffer the consequences. In other words, Tenne is a D&D world designed not only to play within, but to grow within.

     Doesn't sound like a typical D&D world does it? Maybe not. But we do have fun within it.

History of Tenne

     Tenne is an old world that has not seen a lot of advance in technology. Magic is the rule. Both clerics and magic users can become quite powerful, and sought after. 
     Humans, elves, halflings, and dwarves are not the oldest races of the world. Once, hundreds of centuries ago, the Fuzzites ruled the lands. These small furry creatures dominated the world through their knowledge of magic, which has yet to be met by any of the modern races. In fact, each fuzzite was born with an inborn knowledge of magic. Through their living years they learned how to use and develop these natural skills.
     Unfortunately, magic was the cause of the downfall of this once peaceful race. Only two fuzzites are still known to exist, one evil and the other good. Kind of. See the stories of Meeko and Keeko for more information.
     Once the fuzzites race had all but vanished, the other races began to flourish and develop. While humans and elves dominate the world, heroes of the dwarven and halfling races are not unheard of. And while orcs and gnolls are a thorn in everyone's side, it seems that the minataurs are the chief rivals of the good races. Oh, and don't forget the dragons who decide to meddle in every ones affairs once in a while.
     Givemea is the country in which most adventures take place. In fact, it is the center of the world of adventure to the players. Givemea currently ruled by King Dor and his queen. Acirema is located south of Givemea. Minta is located to the west of Givemea, and is where many minataurs make their residence. Swatrs, the homeland of the Elves, lies to north, across the Vemea Mountain range. The uncharted land of the Dwarves, known as Colas, lies to the west of Givemea. These are the countries in which players have adventures and quests.

The Countries


The People

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly