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    On the way home from the Jamboree, the troops from the Central Minnesota Council stopped at Virginia Beach, a military installation, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. The guys found all four places to be quite interesting.

Virginia Beach was a popular place with the Scouts. Gosh, I wonder why? All there is is a lot of sand and the ocean.

It was great that there was a spot to wash the salt water off before we dressed to get back on the bus.

The smiles say it all. It was good to stop to see the sites at Virginia Beach.

The assistant Scoutmasters took a few minutes during the evening to catch up on book work that needed to be done.

Meanwhile, the Scouts spent the time relaxing and played a few games of cards before calling it a night.

Several of the Scouts brought along their Magic cards and talked an assistant scoutmaster into joining them for a game.

Our Jamboree coordinator told the troops what to expect during the tour at Monticello, Jefferson's home.

While sitting outside the front door of Monticello, a tour guide briefed the Scouts on the history of the grounds.

Look familiar? Monticello is pictured on the back of that nickel in your pocket. This is the back side of the home.

There is a lot of underground storage at Jefferson's home. He was an amazing architect.

Many of the Scouts stooped by the graveyard to take a look at Thomas Jefferson's grave site.

How many pizzas can 72 teenage boys eat for supper? I lost count, but I can tell you it was quite a few.

Our last stop on our tour of the country was at the motor speedway. The museum was quite interesting.

Speed trials were being held the day we were at the speedway. The races would be held the next day.

It was time to go home. Everyone was tired. But everyone stayed in great spirits. Troop 1417 was an amazing troop.

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