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    Home was what was on everyone's mind as we awoke that last day on the way home. It was time to get back to our families, friends, and stereo systems.
    The 2001 National Jamboree was over. The trip was done. We grew a little. We learned a bit. We made some friends. But best of all, we participated in the experience of a lifetime!
    Let's see. When was the next Jamboree?

It is the last morning of the journey and it is time for breakfast.

Before we left our last overnight stop our bus driver wanted to get our picture.

Some of the rest stops along the highway were very nice places to stop for a rest.

We arrive in Minnesota on August 4, 2001. In two hours we would be back in St. Cloud.

We arrived in St. Cloud about 30 minutes earlier then planned. Get the busses unloaded!

Parents were trilled to have their boys back home. Most of the Scouts even hugged their mothers.

Our senior patrol leader gave each troop member a hug as they left the bus.

Quick! Take a picture of our senior patrol and two smallest Scouts.

This was the second to last gathering of the unofficial Hoo Hoo Patrol.

It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate while at the National Jamboree.

Three weeks later the two troops from Central Minnesota Council had a reunion. The scoutmasters received the troop flags in recognition of their leadership.

The scoutmaster and first assistant scoutmaster of 1417 recognized the Dragonz Patrol for taking first place for flag design at Subcamp 14.

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