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    The final day of the Jamboree has arrived. It is time to finish our rocker requirements, say bye to some new friends, and then begin taking down the campsite, our home for the last nine days.
    When the gateway started coming down I think it really started to sink in that this great event was over. Nearly everything that we did today would be something done for the last time at the Jamboree.
    But you know what? We were glad to be heading home. We still had a little site seeing to do, and three days of traveling. They might not readily admit it, but I think everyone wanted to see their parents, bothers, and sisters again. It was time to begin getting ready for school, and school sports.
    It other words, it was time to get back to the normal retinue. But first, we had a couple places to stop and see...

It was time, the end of the Jamboree. The gateway began to be taken apart by a few of the older members of the troops.

One of the things saved from the gateway was the panels on which everyone signed their names.

Paul and Babe turned out to be great mascots for the troops from the Central Minnesota Council. It was too bad the panels did not come home with us.

The gateway was easy to take apart. It was screwed together.

It did not take very long for the gateway to come down.

The patrol leader of the Dragonz Patrol accepted a ribbon and patches for first place in the patrol flag competition.

The Dragonz Patrol proudly display their flag for everyone to see. It was a very sharp looking flag as you can see.

The Dragonz Patrol leader handed out the first place patches to his patrol members.

Great friendships were formed within the troop. It would be great if those friendships continued to grow with time.

As evening approached we began to take down any part of the camp site that we could, as did the other troops in the subcamp.

Troop 1417 was in charge of the flag lowering in Subcamp 14 during the last full day of the Jamboree.

The gateway is gone, most of the tents are done. Troops 1417 and 1418 do not have much more left to do.

Troop 1417 left the dining flies standing in cased in rained during the night.

It is the morning that we leave. Camp is down. It is time to police the area for trash.

Our Jamboree coordinator had a few words for the troops before we loaded the buses for home.

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