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    There was so much to do at the Jamboree. Too many gateways to see. Too many activities to do. To many shows to see. Too many friends to make. Too much to do within the time that we had to do it in.
    The closing show, called the second arena show, was postponed for one night do to the rain storms that moved through the area. Unfortunately, that meant the acts that were lined up to perform would not be able to make the rescheduled show. It also meant that would would not get to see the President of the United States live on the stage.
    The show ended up using talent from the participants of the jamboree. And you know what? It was a great show! Probably better then the professional one that was planned. And we still got to view a tape the President made of his speech to the 40,000 participants of the event.
    The show ended with a grand fireworks display done to music. Unfortunately, we were sitting nearly in front of the speakers and nearly lost our hearing, but it was worth it to watch the pyrotechnics. The finale had fireworks shooting off from three locations and filled half of the night sky. To say it was awesome just does not seem to do it justice.
    The next day was our last full day at the Jamboree.

In the handicap awareness area Scouts found out how difficult it was to play basketball in a wheelchair.

This was such a unique gateway I could not pass up taking a picture of it. It was based on the theme of Scout and morals being under construction.

The patrol leader and assistant patrol leader of the Bulldog Patrol make preparations before leaving for afternoon act ivies.

It's the night of the final arena show, and Troop 1417 is getting ready to leave camp to walk to the show. The troop would hike nearly three miles to the arena.

Once again, over 30,000 Boy Scouts and leaders gathered to watch a show that had been put together in only 24 hours.

Even though is was a hastily prepared show, the Scout enjoyed it tremendously. It just proved that there is a lot of talent at a Scout Jamboree.

A beach ball made its way around the crowd. The unofficial Hoo Hoo Patrol signed the ball before passing it back into the crowd.

Pictures cannot do justice to the fireworks display that finished the arena show. It was grand to see it timed to various songs.

During the finale of the fireworks over one half of the sky was lit in brilliant multicolored bursts. It was totally tubular!

Some of the Scouts began head banging to the music that blared during the fireworks.

Other Scout just watched in awe as the sky was filled with blasting colors.

Trying to keep the troop together on the way back to our camp was a challenge in itself.

The next morning, our assistant scoutmaster/banker opened the bank so Scouts could get funds for their last trips to the trading posts.

Some troop members tried to finish their rockers on the last day. Here, one Scout and his father try their hand at writing at the handicap awareness area.

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