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     As the Jamboree got into full swing the Scouts of Troop 1417 started having a lot of fun. They would leave camp in the morning following breakfast and announcements, and many times would not come back to camp until it was time for supper. So many things to do and see, and so little time to do it in.
     This page features a lot of pictures of life at the jamboree as experienced by Troop 1417 Boy Scouts. Most of the time it was hot and sunny, but on every jamboree a little rain must fall...

It was truly amazing to sit with 30,000 Scouts during the opening arena show. Who ever said the Scouting program is fading out has never attended a National Jamboree.

One morning, the junior leader staff, with help from the assistant scoutmasters, conducted a uniform inspection. We are happy to state that everyone passed with high marks.

Our first assistant scoutmaster also served a duty as the troop's banker. Twice a day he would open the bank so Scouts could withdraw money from their account.

One area that took half of a day to go through was the conservation program. There were twenty stations to check out.

The merit badge midway was a very popular place. Over 100 merit badges booths were staffed by counselors. It was a great place to check out.

Mean, later that evening, things got a little strange around the supper table. What was in the food anyway?

By the time supper arrived many of the Scouts were getting tired. In one case, a Scout fell asleep at the supper table. At least we think he did.

Each morning would see the Scouts from Troop 1417 or 1418 raise the flags of our country and state. Each evening they came down.

The biking motocross station was one of the most popular programs at the Jamboree. Hundreds of boys discovered it was not as easy as it looks.

Patch trading was a favorite pastime between programs. Council shoulder patches and OA patches were in high demand.

The 5K run walk was postponed one day due to the extreme heat. I think nearly everyone at the Jamboree participated.

Everyone needs to take a break once in a while. Our troop scribe made use of one break by working on his journal.

The military went all out in their demonstrations and stations. They showed off many of the vehicles and equipment they use.

Rain? What rain? Our senior patrol and these Scouts did not let a rainy Sunday damper their spirits at the Jamboree.

It fact, the rain didn't damping anyone's spirits. Some of the guys started a softball game with a tin foil ball and a stake as a bat.

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