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     The 2001 National Jamboree has begun! There were plenty of activities and demonstrations for Scouts and leaders to participate in during their stay. From archery, wall climbing, and pioneering to special events like Scoutopia, Brown Sea Island, and military displays, there was so much to do that I doubt any one got to see and do everything.
     These pictures were from the first two days at the Jamboree. They show not only some of the fun things we did but also give a little glimpse of what life at the Jamboree was like, at least for the Scouts of Troop 1417.

This gateway from another troop featured a Captain Crunch theme. Their patches were very popular when it came to trading.

Troop 1417's scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster test their skills at the archery range.

Every Scout was responsible for his own laundry. One of the popular ways do get it clean was to use the bucket and plunger method.

One of the great things about going to the Jamboree is the new friendships that are formed, both within the troop and at the Jamboree.

The Scouts of Troop 1417 were always doing something. He a few take a break to play cards at the campsite. 

The Order of the Arrow performed a fantastic show called Scoutopia. Tickets were given to each Scout who attended the Jamboree.

At the Brown Sea Island Camp visitors were treated to what happened at the very first Boy Scout camping trip in England.

Troop 1417 adult leaders even posed with Lord Baden Powell at the Brown Sea Island Camp. (Of course, he is not the real one.)

Across the road from Brown Sea Island was a mock up of the first Boy Scout camp held in the USA. It was very interesting.

Troop 1417 moves out to get in line with other troops from Subcamp 14 as they prepare to leave for the Jamboree's first arena show.

A picture just cannot show what it is like to be marching with thousand of other Scouts on the way the the arena. Awesome!

Even Smokey the Bear was on hand to great the Boy Scouts and leaders as they marched to the first arena show.

This picture shows a small area of the 30,000 Boy Scouts and leaders who attended the show. You don't want to lose your troop here.

It took over an hour to move every troop into the arena, so some of the Scouts brought cards to help pass the time as they waited.

The show was set up like a concert with two large screens that showed the action on the stage. We were lucky to sit in front, about half way up.

These pictures belong to Steve Borgerding.
Please ask for permission before using them elsewhere. He may be contacted through this web site.

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